Soccer over the decades has changed a lot. It has become faster, with new rules being incorporated and new training methods being followed by coaches all over the world. In this new order of the soccer world, training right from beginning with the right kind of kid and the right training ball. 

While a proper module of training will help to enhance the physical ability and off the ball training skills, a proper training ball will help with 'with the ball' skills and help the budding soccer player to grow up with all the skills that are needed to make it to the big leagues of soccer subsequently. In fact, the right soccer training ball is as important as any other soccer training equipment for the making of a player. From that point of view, the Size 4 Soccer Training Ball from Pass Master is the best and the most perfect one. 

The anatomy of the soccer ball 

Here on this page, we discuss the various aspects of the Size 4 Soccer Training Ball from Pass Master. 

The size...

The size it comes up with is perfect for the budding trainees between the age of 9 to 11 years. And the cord, it comes up with measures 1.7 meters in length and it can be stretched to 4.5 meters. This makes sure, the ball will never go beyond the fence into the road, even when practicing shooting, receiving, throwing, dribbling, heading. It will help learn the skills of receiving by chest and legs and passing while on the run. In short, the ball is excellent when it comes to learning the intricate soccer skills with perfection. 

Besides, it comes with a circumference of 25/26 inches, and weighs 11/13 oz, making it one of the most perfect soccer training balls for the trainees of that age group. 

The Material....

The material that the ball is made up of is another of its USP. It is light but that does not mean it gives any false on and off pitch impression. In other words, despite being light, it does not sway when shot or does not have any false swing. Thus, it helps the trainees to get proper training and master their skills in managing the ball in the air. It helps them to master their skills in receiving long passes, high passes, heading, and gauging the flight path of the ball in the air. The lack of false swing also helps the budding goalkeepers in mastering their gripping and diving skills. 

Even when exposed to heavy or wet conditions the weight of the ball does not change and hence there is no question of adjustment that the trainees have to make while practicing – truly this amazing soccer training ball comes with all the good properties that an ideal training ball has to have. 

The Cost.....

Most importantly the ball comes at an affordable price, which makes it one of the best gifts that you can consider for your kid if he is showing signs of being a Tim Cahill or a Samm Kerr of the future. 

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The author owns a company that sells soccer training equipment along with soccer training balls. The author is also an avid blogger.