People visit a website to search for something. It can be information about a product, service or simply fact-based. Website owners must give pivotal importance to the readability of their online sites and ensure that those are enough informative and relevant. However, with the Internet being bombarded with a number of websites, you certainly need to add something unique to make yours’ one stand out. Thus, the quest is all about digging out those brilliant ways which, can offer value-addition to your website and implement the same tactfully.

Here are some of the highly effective ways by which, you can add something unique to your online site, make it one-of-a-kind, generate more online traffic and drive more conversions.

Graphics and Images

Adding a distinct visual style to the online site with innovative use of photos and graphics is a great way of cheap website design. Needless to say, being visual creatures, it becomes easier for entrepreneurs to connect with users at an emotional level by driving visual stimuli. Moreover, we have been equipped with endless stylistic options and thus, you can create an authentic design easily. On an advisable note, you must try to use custom-made images for your website which, bring a sense of personalization to it compared to the inbuilt images.

Layout and Structure

One of the most effective and widely used ways to make a unique online site is to make the right use of layout and structure. By developing a fancy site structure or layout, you can make it more appealing and drag more visitors as well. However, you must also ensure that in the process of building a standalone website, you must not make it glutted with irrelevant elements. This, in turn, would make your entire site clumsy and leave your visitors with sheer dissatisfaction.

Text & Content

This is perhaps the most difficult or most important area when it comes to the task of developing a peerless website. Don’t develop content that is similar to the ones showcased by other websites of your competitors. Try to frame your mind a bit different and bring something out-of-the-beat to the table. Content is an area of web development, where you get ample scope of showcasing the real unique personality and culture of your brand. Ideally, you can use copy, microcopy and content like video for connecting users in a whole different way.


The scope of animation in cheap website design is expansive and we can see more of it on each passing day. Moderation is the key to animation in the world of web designing. Simple, small animations are interesting and engaging; where the users don’t even feel like they are seeing an animation effect at all. On the contrary, large-scale animations can bring uniqueness to the site’s aesthetic and display a blend in between usability and simplicity. However, mixing too many moving effects might end up you in a situation of complete chaos. Thus, act tactfully.

You can already see all these aforesaid aspects in many websites available on the web. Thus, you need to think of an exclusive strategy which will drive proper usage of all these elements uniquely. Focus on the message you want to convey to your customers and plan all the tasks accordingly as the ultimate purpose of having a website is to expand online outreach, generate more traffic and drive more conversions.

Author's Bio: 

Chiranjit Roy is a web designing expert, tech geek and a passionate writer who likes to inform his readers about cheap website design and the different advancements and modern methodologies ruling the industry.