Training sessions are a part of every organization's routine in order to enhance the performance of the workforce and keep them abreast of the current developments in the market. The training session focuses on the key development areas of both organization and the employees. In the offline training process, things become tiresome and boring with the course of time. For off-the-job training process, the employees had to take a break from the routine work and attend the training session. This hampered the productivity of the organization and the results were also not fruitful. Also, the process lacked collaborative learning, which plays a vital role in the learning and understanding of the employees.

The advent of e-learning changed the very course of the training process with the interactive tools like graphics, games, and audio visual aids. The interactive learning process encouraged active participation of the employees and helped in better understanding of the training module. Further, the exchange of ideas and views during the training process resulted in stronger grasp over the content matter. These companies engaged in providing online training module ensure that the content matter is developed as per the specific needs of the industry. Obviously, the content matter for banking and financial institute would greatly differ from that of the IT and software. Moreover, as the business world is developing at a fast pace, modification and update of the content matter is equally important and online training module comes with the provision of the same.

The e-learning content module can be accessed any where any time! One of the biggest advantages of the e-learning module is that it can be integrated with games and social media. Social learning is gaining huge acceptance among the mass, as this is, nowadays, the favorite time pass for all. The learners can choose from the various modules given in the catalog and rate and recommend it, if they find it good enough. The trainer can assess the training module from the tracking feature available with the module. As the users are familiar with the platform of social networking website, they are able to access the training module easily. Prominent social networking sites like Face book, Twitter and Linked In have integrated this application, therefore, users, while logged on to their favorite social networking site, can access the online training module.

A large number of employees can be trained at the same time as online learning is beyond geographical barriers. The trainer is not required to manage huge number of assignment sheets and reports unlike traditional learning method. Also, scalability is a major issue for most of the organization, but online training modules are scalable in accordance with the growth of the organization.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes social learning, collaborative learning and other Learning & Development matters.