There are a lot of reasons to use social media and it seems like the media is just hammering us every day. It becomes an important tool to polishes your skills thus making you more productive in your work. I myself learned a number of communication skills to interact with unknown people and know about them and their abilities.

People do a lot of things on social media for instance share new ideas, discuss their problems and find solutions. Let say Twitter alone has become an authority and used and quotation in stories at big news channels. Tweets of people are mentioned in articles and blogs as an authenticated reference to the strength of the story. It's true to say that social media have become an un-beatable authority.

Moreover, despite interacting with people and making friends, social media have great power to support. You can increase your sales through social media fan following. You can reach out to new people and tell about your ideas and get new ideas to grow-up your business. Well, this article lists the 3 most important reasons why it is important to use social media and it's marketing impacts.

Social media channels offer companies a huge platform to get in touch with their target audience. That is one of the reasons why it can be used as a powerful marketing tool

The information on the website can be further shared by users via their network, this ensures a greater reach. By sharing the information and being regularly active, the name and activities of the company linger better with the users. By increasing the name recognition, contact can be made with a larger or different target group.

To reach your target group, it is important that you establish a strategy because each channel is used differently and has its own audience. Like if you are at Facebook, here you need to create a Page, where you will share your information about your company and products and services you are offering. To grow up your page you should have the audience for this. You can grab the audience and Buy facebook likes at first to get public awareness. So look at which social channels your target group uses and respond to them.

Social media signals have a major influence on the rankings of websites in Google. To determine the value of a website, Google used to look at links from other websites that linked to your website, so-called backlinks.

Google did this because they believed that a referral from one website to
another could be seen as a positive reference and based on that, they
ranked websites in the search results.

If the competitors are active on various social media channels, this does not always mean that they do this in the right way. Many companies have no idea how to set up and/or apply a solid social media campaign.

Social media can also be a valuable addition to your business. It can ensure customer loyalty, brand awareness and better positions in Google.

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Shehbaz Malik