Are you having trouble finding commitment in a relationship? I have heard of many people who are very unhappy with a current association or situation in their life. It is not what they want. These people continually go around asking others for their opinion as to how to get the conditions changed to meet their expectations. Some are interested in someone already committed to another—the person of interest is married, or living with another. For others, the other person is so entangled with a family member or other friend that they offer inadequate support or time.

While, many people would argue that anyone involved with a married person is wrong in doing so, and the object of their affection is committing adultery, it is not the goal here to pass judgment. None of us knows the circumstances regarding these affairs. Regardless, there are countless instances where we are unhappy due to the actions of another. If you are in such a situation, there may be a simple way to determine when to bail. There is a way to solve unhappy relationship issues.

A Reason for the Confusion—Words Have Power
All of us have heard the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." However, any of us knows that this is not true for most, as we may have learned to react to words instead of letting them "roll off of us like water on a duck." Indeed, if words did not have meaning, many people would never be in any kind of loving interaction, whether it is constructive or destructive.

It is important for people to choose their words carefully, for if they do not, they may inadvertently harm another. If your love is telling you that they love you, yet on the other hand, they are refusing to commit to you, and they are still involved with another, it may be a time to take a hard look at the facts. It is precisely because words do carry power that you may now be confused with a current relationship.

You Can See The Answer Right in Front of You
Yes…words do carry power. However, as you look for resolution to any unhappy situation, you can sift through the words being tossed at you by focusing on what is inside someone's heart. You can meditate to help you find the answers. However, a person's physical actions are always a reflection of what they truly desire—actions speak louder than words. The spirit of God within you is showing you the answers! Look at your desired one's actions. Are they with you now or do they continue to make excuses? The choice for happiness is yours—but you must also take action. If you are unsure, let their physical actions guide you.

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