Purchasing a new car is considered the second largest purchase you may ever make, your home being the largest. And since you are likely to be spending so much money on your new car you may want to get a few items that are not included in the purchase price. All of these items help to protect your car and help to keep it in showroom condition.

To begin with you should purchase a car cover. Car covers can really help keep the finish on your vehicle. Obviously, it becomes too much of a chore to keep taking it off and putting it on again if you’re using the car every day. However you should take time to use it when your car will be sitting for an extended period of time. A car cover is still worth using even though your car is closed in a garage because it will keep the dust off the finish. Your car’s paint finish demands protection against UV light, bird mess, tree sap, industrial toxins and so on when a garage is not available. Obtain a breathable car cover which will allow heat and moisture to escape and can be placed onto a wet car.

The next thing you may want to purchase for your new car is floor mats taking into account that it possibly won’t have any fitted. Your car dealer will be happy to provide you with them for a price but you’d be better off shopping elsewhere for them to get yourself a better deal. You will be able to save a great deal of money and if someone spoils your floor mats by spilling a cola on them you can simply go buy new ones. At an auto parts retailer you can pick up these floor mats for about $20 to $40, depending on what your looking for. No matter which mats you buy, they will do a great job of taking the wear from your car’s carpets.

A very important factor that most people never even think about in relation to cars is a trunk liner. Trunk liners are on the market for the same reason that people purchase liners for their truck - the need for protection. Large and heavy items get placed in the car trunk and the carpeting takes a lot of punishment especially if the load moves around as the car corners. Trunk liners are best obtained from an auto-parts retailer as opposed to the dealership (to save money) - but definitely get one since they do an important job.

If you simply invest in these small little extras for your car you may find that your car will end up looking newer for a longer period of time. These extras are not going to make your car perform better except in the looks department, but if this matters to you then it’s definitely worth your while to go and purchase them.

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