As we know mothers have to do so many works on daily basis at home and they do so many tasks but their duty towards their children is the toughest one. You can’t imagine but it’s a 24 hours duty that a mother has to perform throughout the day. She does it even without complaining to anyone. No matter how her health is going on but she has to provide each and everything to her child all the time which surely is a trait of a good mother.

Teaching a child respect and discipline is always a foremost priority of the parents. While some of the parents take that seriously and take some actions for that purpose.

Another major thing she does is to maintain her child’s health. For this, she has to put a lot of effort and she does a lot of hard work because we see children are so much choosy now a days. They refuse to eat regular food. A mother always tries to make such things for him that attracts him. Her only aim is to feed him properly for his active growth. On the other hand she helps her completing different school tasks.

There are few mothers who work in offices and manage their home afterwards. This truly is a great matter of deal. It is never easy to manage both of these works as they both required a lot of effort which sometimes makes a mother panic. So she deserves a salute if is managing both of them with effectiveness.

Mental characterization is another task that a mother does at home. A mother who has active mind can be a good support for her child as she can polish him socially and morally both. This is truly based on a mother’s own education. If a mother is educated, only then she can positively characterize her child and stop her from bad deeds. To teach him manners, the way to move in society, to take responsibilities and to care for his family is definitely a great support that a mother gives to the child. This surely is not a little thing that a mother tackles her child on everything.

There are mothers who adopt different styles of parenting. She picks one for her child according to his personality. Some mothers are careless towards his child. They let their child experiment without keeping an eye on him. Their children do much mess around as they know are full of liberty doing things I their own way. On the other hand there are mothers who keep on noticing their children on every point and stopping them if they go out of the way. They do not let their children alone and correct them on everything wrong they do. This definitely is a trait of a good mother who always keeps on noticing on every act of child. She keeps an eye on him while he is using mobile phone or while playing outside and behaving with others.

All these tasks required a lot of patience. An impatient mother can never raise a confident child. Children need attention all the time. They do such things that are sometimes irritating and annoying. They create mess in rooms that a mother has to take care of. On the whole this is a great duty of a mother to look after the child the whole day. I will highly suggest you to visit, if you want to read some exclusive parenting tips.

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Shehbaz Malik is computer science graduate and a blogger who has been in it from past 3 years.