Medicine is a huge field that includes vitamins, supplements, and minerals as well. Here, we are not going to discuss the characteristics of any medicine and supplement. But, we will try to discuss some most important points about the packaging of medicines. Usually, most of the physical products require packaging boxes for them. The type of boxes depends on their category. For example, cake boxes are packed in bakery boxes, not in mailer boxes. So, to get the packaging box for your item, you can identify the correct category of your product.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and we do not sell any kind of custom boxes. You can contact Quick Boxes Packaging if you want to buy custom boxes at wholesale rates including the medicine boxes. In the next part of the article, we will discuss why medicine packaging is different as compared to the other products.

What is Different in Medicine Packaging?

Usually, many pharmaceutical companies are working hard on medicines that can be beneficial for the human being. On the other hand, there are some fake companies as well that are playing with the feelings of people. That’s why pharmaceutical companies have introduced some special things in their product packaging. So, a buyer can easily identify between original and fake products.

That is also known as anti-counterfeit that might include any addition of hologram stickers, some kind of pattern printing, foiling, and much more, Their purpose is only to differentiate the fake products from the market. So, users can receive the original products.

You can really judge the whole scenario after reading the above-mentioned points. That’s why medicine packaging is regarded as important and critical at the same time too. Let us discuss the styles of medicine packaging in the next part.

Mostly Used Styles

Medicines are firstly packed in some kind of glass or plastic bottle. So, it can be protected from moisture. It is not directly packed into the cardboard box. Once the internal packaging is finalized then you can work on its outer packaging. Usually, for the outer packaging, straight tuck, reverse tuck, and auto lock boxes are used by most companies.

On these outer packs, you can use those specific patterns that we have mentioned above. I hope that the whole scenario is now clear in your mind.


There are huge categories of packaging boxes. You don’t need anti-counterfeit for every kind of product. Like you don’t need holograms for pizza boxes but they are only required for some critical products. Anti-counterfeit is also sometimes called brand protection that is also true in my opinion. Similarly, for the cosmetics category like lip gloss packaging now the companies are moving towards holographic boxes. This is some special kind of packaging that you might have seen in the markets as well. Usually, these type of boxes is manufactured using printable holographic paper that is very attractive and can protect your brand at the same time as well.

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