The Second Middle School of Wen Jiang District of Chengdu ushered the 2019 high school student’s adult ceremony. Many parents attended their children’s ceremony. During this time, A high school student wearing a black suit (Zeng Mulingsen) suddenly Kneel in front of the mother, told the mother that I actually prepared a gift for you. He opened the diamond ring box and brought an Interlocking Sterling Silver Hearts Name Necklace for his mother. Mom suddenly burst into tears, she said:’ so surprise, thank you, thank you, son.” Finally, they embraced each other. Zeng Mulingen said that I have been grown up, and I would spend less and less time with you in the future. I hoped it will accompany you in my absence.

When his mother was interviewed, she said that the son gave her a special gift, which was a surprise. This was a gift that the son bought for herself with the lucky money. He was also the only man in the world who gave herself a diamond mother-daughter jewelry, which represented an eternal emotion, not a matter of how much it costs. She thought the main thing is to reflect a solemn feeling between our mother and child. She also said that regardless of the future path, I hoped that the child could go with courage and confidence, and we would always be his strongest backing.

Zeng Mulingsen said in an interview that his mother was his closest relative. He learned courage, self-confidence, gratitude, and love in his mother which was the most valuable asset for children. He said that once he has known from his mother, she could not have her own diamond princess ring when she got married. He had always kept this sentence in his mind, thinking about how to make up for her regret.

I think that Zeng Mulingen gave his mother the best adult gift and also was the best adult gift for himself. This is a return to love and also a man’s oath. He wants to tell his mother that when his son grows up, he will assume family responsibilities in the future. Honoring parents and knowing how to be grateful is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation which is grateful for our busy and hard-working parents, worked hard for our whole life, and worked hard for a lifetime.

How to maintain the ring?

To take off the ring while taking a bath or doing the homework, because the chemical ingredients contained in the cleaning products will change the color. Also, when spraying perfume or using cosmetics, try to avoid contact with it, because alcohol will make the gold fade. You can use a flannel cloth to wrap the gold couple ring and put it in a dry place to avoid oxidation or friction; pay attention when moving heavy objects, because the gold texture is soft and easy to deform; the gold couple ring only needs to be cleaned and cured, under an alcohol lamp after burning for a while, and they can take it and wipe it, so that it will restore the original brilliance.

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