In the northern hemisphere July is in full swing with the robust growth of spring garden seedlings that burst through in the summer. The world is changing around us, whether we like it or not. Are you gaining momentum, too, or are your thoughts crowded with the exuberance of the season?

Nature’s exuberance is often riotous and unfocused. An effective gardener knows when to prune back new growth from areas that will not benefit the plant, and to train new shoots in desired directions. An effective gardener also knows that weeding is essential because the process provides space for the plants we want and need to thrive.

Like a crowded garden needs weeding, training and pruning, so does a business. For example, one of my recent coaching client discussions centered on the topic of her business relationships. The relationships she had cultivated were not honoring the direction she wanted for her business. However, once she gave herself permission to clear her business space of clients and prospects that did not fit her direction, she opened up exponential room for those that did. In fact, she signed up two new clients within days of clearing space for them! She was able to get the growth she wanted and is better able to serve her clients because she became clear about what she wants and what she is able to give.

Try this guided visioning exercise to see how your body reacts to the idea of growth and space. Draw a circle around you representing time. Envision the quarter circle in front of you as the future. Is it crowded? Do you become physically uncomfortable, tight in your body or cramped because the future is full of stunting demands?

Allow yourself to clear the space of relationships, clients, and tasks that no longer are aligned with your values and your purpose. Do you feel expansive and energetic? Clearing space allows room for new, positive developments to flourish.

Clearing space can be scary. Sometimes, we think we must accept every prospect that comes along and hold on tightly to existing clients. Being the gardener, your business needs to grow in positive ways, which means attracting clients whose values align with yours. Take this opportunity to prune the branches (existing business relationships) that are not what you want or desire, and pinch the leaves (prospective clients) that sap the life from the main stem of your business. When you clear space, you will feel a swish of fresh air, like you’ve opened a window on a sunny, breezy day, because you are now in alignment with what you want your business to be.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ A. Nin

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