India has always been associated with lore of spirits and demons and black magic. In fact, we’re basically grown on stories of malevolent spirits of different kinds. Although such stories do provide entertainment, spirit possession can get quite sinister when it happens in real life.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize spirit possession, and link it to psychiatry, believing them to be disorders of the mind. However, there are scores of experts in our country who practise healing for spirit possession or practise spiritual therapy for ghost attachment; some authentic and some fraudulent, since ages.

For those who believe in spirit possession, or those who have experienced it first-hand or even second-hand (which can be a terrifying experience), one of the most common question about spirit possession is, ‘Why does it happen?’ In this article, I’ll try to explain the nature of spirits, and why do they possess people.

Types of Possession

There are actually two types of spirit possessions:

1.   External possession: A spirit attaches to an individual’s energetic body, usually through their back, and leeches off of their energy.

2.   Internal possession: A spirit can step inside an individual’s body, and compete with an individual’s soul for control.

Reasons Why Spirits Possess Individuals

There are various reasons why spirits possess people, but all of them stem from either of these 3 reasons:

1.   They want energy: Some spirits do not leave this world after their physical bodies die. Without their physical body or without the energy from the Divine Being these spirits then go in search of others energy in order to exist.

2.   They want to remain living: Some spirits, even after their bodies have died, still want to live. They try to live off of other living human beings, and thus possess them.

3.   They have never lived and want to: Not all spirits have always had a human form in the past. These can be demons, and they possess human bodies to live as a human to experience what it’s like, or to commit some dark act.

Possession of any sort inflicts damage on the possessed person, and can even result in death. There are centres for black magic therapy which work by cleansing negative energy and healing in Noida and Delhi NCR, which have had excellent results with spirit possession. You can visit them to know more, or look for a solution for your problem (if any) there.

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