If you believe that God encompasses everything, is it not true that His spirit also resides within you? It has to be somewhere in us, but where does the spirit reside within?

Charles Crooks is a shaman and healer/teacher. In his teaching he asks, "What is the component of breath that we find so valuable to ourselves?"

The vital life force is a concept often discussed and many times portrayed in various forms in movies. Do you suppose your breath contains this force? Could the vital life force include the spirit of God, whose light encompasses all?

When you are born, until you take your first breath, you are lifeless. Without that breath, there would only be an unresponsive, physical body. This is why breathing is induced by some means immediately after birth if you do not begin to breathe on your own. It may be as simple as cutting the umbilical cord or slapping you on the butt. Since every human consists of both a physical body and God's light, it is easy to conclude that the breath contains not only yourself and character, but also the light of God within.

Words of John 4:24 (KJV) give solid evidence to support this fact: "God is a Spirit." The original Greek word for "spirit," used in this verse, is pneuma, which literally means "breath" or "current of air." Since the breath is life, you can deduce that life is a component of your breath. However, how does one define life? The dictionary's definition of life is "existence" or vitality." But, what exactly gives you vitality or brings you into existence?

Charles asserts that the breath consists of multiple components. Most everyone would agree that one of these components is the various gases required to allow the body to function on a physical level. But could there also be a spiritual component?

We have already established that God is everywhere, including living within you. We have determined that breath contains life, and that without breath, there is only a physical body. Therefore, does it not stand by reason that God may live within your breath, giving you your existence?

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