I was in a healing seminar when I suddenly became very ill. What I thought was food poisoning was later diagnosed as severe gall stones.
I went to the local outpatient facility for treatment, but it seemed like nothing the doctor gave me could cut through the excruciating pain. After 24 hours of agony and arguing with the hospital staff and prayer, the surgeon sold me on the fact that if I did not get my gallbladder removed immediately, the next time it would be under emergency conditions.
I agreed to have what should have been a routine surgery. When I awoke in the recovery room a doctor stood by my bedside, observing the monitors and giving me thumbs up. During surgery I noticed nothing but pitch black. I remembered nothing, experienced nothing at all.
I was brought back to my room only to find a worried nurse. I didn't think much of it and drifted off to sleep. A few hours later I awoke with seven doctors huddled around me.
“You guys must have really screwed up.” I remarked.
“Why do you say that?” the lead surgeon asked.
“Because there are no students with you.”
They didn’t think it was funny, but I did. It was a teaching hospital and it is not a good sign when the heads of several departments are standing around your bed without any students.
Turns out that they had given me too much anesthesia and I now had full-blown chemical “perfect storm” pneumonia.
Up to ICU I went and they rolled out the red carpet for me. I had the head of ICU as my assigned doctor, and the “nurse of the year” as the pretty girl in charge of my case. No one was convinced I would make it because I became so sick and my breathing was so labored. For three days I remained in Intensive Care and every evening, I had tall shadowy beings standing next to my bed.
Night after night, I felt myself crossing over and leaving this life. It was surreal. I never saw my brother or other loved ones who had died. I never saw any white light or angels. I was transported into what looked like Hubble Telescope pictures of deep space. The colors were rich and vibrant. There was music. I was moving up in to what appeared to be a kaleidoscope.
By the third day, my condition had improved. I was transported to a unit outside of ICU. It took me over two months of working on myself and seeing other healers before I could get back into healthy condition. I never forgot my experiences and as a result, it’s as if I have been given cotton candy from spirit to give to others.
In my presence clients now feel lighter, changed, as if a tremendous weight has been lifted off their shoulders. I've realized it has nothing to do with me but rather it's as a result of my experience. I was fortunate enough to reach far into the heavens and bring back a little piece of heaven for others.

Author's Bio: 

Jimmy Mack is a theta healer and certified matrix energetics practitioner. He has been in the healing, spiritual, energy field for over 25 years. He works and plays with angels and the other worlds in order to create transformative changes for people, places, pets and situations as well as diseases and disorders find out more at www.jimmymackhealing.com