The Soul has been the subject of discussion for centuries, and a common recurring theme in human scriptures. And yet, the more layers one uncovers, the more mysterious the subject grows. In fact, it takes a great deal of passion to search for answers pertaining to the enigmatic Soul. When facing questions regarding one’s true identity, the best place to start is with Spiritual science.

What is Spiritual Science?

Spiritual science is such a vast subject that it is impossible to clearly define it. However, to start with, one could say that spiritual science is an integrated study of the capacity of human consciousness, and it’s link with the physical world.

Spiritual science answers many questions: What is the significance of consciousness and self awareness? What does a person become if you strip them of worldly desires and physical achievements? Is it possible to harness one’s spiritual energy to do great things and improve the quality of life in general?

The Principle of Spiritual Science

To truly grasp the essence of spiritual science, it’s important to know the underlying principle. Spiritual Science is based on the idea that not only does every living creature possess a Soul; all the souls are particles of the same energy reservoir. The Universe is an intricate network of spiritual energy and external energy. This leads to the implication that you can influence your external energy by influencing your spiritual energy, and vice versa.

Spiritual Science practitioners point out that most human beings have allowed their spiritual energy to remain dormant. But that does not mean that the spiritual energy does not exist.

As our species has developed advanced organization skills and a deeper sense of self and curiosity, we are more capable of nurturing our soul’s energy than any other species.

What is a Soul, and how do you “Activate” it?

Before we decide to examine what a soul is, there is one word that we must deeply understand- Consciousness.

When do we say that a person is conscious? Consciousness is a state of alertness. A conscious person thinks carefully through their decisions, and does not let irrelevant ideas and random experiences dissuade their thought process.

However, spiritual science recognizes the true meaning of the term, “Consciousness.” It defines a truly conscious person as someone who is fully aware of themselves. Such a person can sense his presence and identity in this vast universe, and can sense his significance as a particle of energy. He is aware of the flow of energy between him and his surroundings.

A fully conscious person identifies the worth of spiritual energy. He is one step closer to human perfection and has mental clarity and a balanced being.

A conscious person is aware of his own Soul.

The Soul isn’t just a layer of the human conscience- it is the energy core of the human conscience. It is well protected by multiple levels of complicated human thought.
Spiritual science states that to get our core energy and enter a Hyper-aware state, one must first get rid of these complicated thoughts.

The Various Ways to Listen to Your Soul

There are many branches of spiritual science that can help one to get rid of the mental clutter and tap in wonderful soul energy. Reiki, Chakra Science, yoga, Crystal healing and even basic meditation are just a few examples.

These methods believe that the energy points in our body are within our reach if we learn to activate our awareness. Once a person learns to become aware of their soul, they can harness their spiritual energy to improve their health and bliss.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Spiritual science is a beautiful tool to evolve, but one must remember that every action begets consequences. Positive energy begets positive consequences. Negative energy begets negative consequences.

It is, therefore, important to be alert of your true intentions when you turn to spiritual science. It’s generally best if one decides to safely pursue spiritual science through a well learned mentor.

Keeping these two principles of spiritual science in mind, it is not a far stretched dream to attain a balanced, happy life. All one needs is a healthy dose of curiosity.

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