These days, many people getting to know about the Law of Attraction. Few years ago, it was kept secret even though there are plenty of books that talks about it. There are even Law of Attraction seminars going on. Law of Attraction might seem like New Thought or New Age principle but the truth is, it is already known long time ago. Even the Bible teaches about the Law of Attraction. The Bible actually holds the key that can allow us to create an life of abundance using the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction In Bible

Look for Matthew 21:22 section in the Bible and there will be the secret that can transform life. It is one of the part within the Bible that tells us what the modern Law of Attraction been telling us. For our reference, we will be referring to King James edition. The statement of Matthew 21:22 was used by the 20th Century Law of Attraction film titled The Secret. The Secret gave new name for the statement, Creative Process.

By looking at the Matthew 21:22, it says, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Now, we can see that the Law of Attraction is real truth after all. Finding this statement in the Bible seems that Law of Attraction really been working because the Bible itself says about it. We have to ask and believe if want something. Next we know, we will receive what we asked.

Law of Attraction by Buddha

Besides the Bible, Buddha's words too have taught the Law of Attraction. Buddha have always found the truth and we cannot doubt his words. Buddha once said that we are what our thoughts have made us. Besides that, Buddha even said that the mind is everything. If our thoughts and mind controls our life. Then, it follows that our reality is our manifestation because we are the one controlling our mind and thoughts.

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