When we are walking the spiritual path, we learn to get the most out of what ever experiences we have. Right now manyt of us need to spend less money than we were spending a year ago. While this can be difficult, we have the opportunity to look at our lives and see what is most important to us.

When choosing where to spend our money we face the following conflicts:

  • Shall I spend money on something I do not really need or save money for the future?
  • Shall I spend money on something I do not really need or buy something for someone who desparately needs help?
  • Shall I spend money on something I do not really need, or put money into my education so that I can be of more service to the world?

Most of us spend money on things we do not really need. We also become caseless with the things we have such as food and clothing. How many times this year have you thrown away food that did not get eaten? How many articles of clothing do you have that you never wear, that someone else could be using?

If I ask myself these questions, I can see that I have alot of room for improvement. How about you?

All of us need to work harder to put our money in the best places to create a good life for ourselves, our families and our world.

Carole Lynne



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