A certain Nevada Senator got himself in all kinds of trouble this year when he admitted to carrying on an extramarital affair. During the summer John Ensign made his confession to the media which was already in hot pursuit of the story. Apparently Ensign was so infatuated with the woman that he refused to stop seeing her even after being advised to do so but his political cohorts.

This is how it goes for some philandering spouses. The extramarital affair becomes such a powerful motivation in their lives that they cannot see straight and they are more than willing to throw everything overboard including their spouse, family and career just to continue the affair.

There are countless reasons why people cheat but you definitely have to put the following somewhere near the top of the list.

1. Running on Empty

There is something inside a cheating spouse that is lacking. They may attempt to shift the blame to their significant other but in the final analysis the responsibility is theirs. It could be that they believe that their life has hit a dead end or that is moving in the wrong direction to which they have no control over it. Either way they start searching for something or more specifically someone to fill the void.

2. No Love

If there was a feeling of love and affection between the philandering spouse and the significant other for all intent and purposes it is long gone. Of course it may still be there just waiting to be rekindled but from their perspective the only way to find the love that makes them feel alive again is from someone outside the marriage. This person provides it to them physically and emotionally in ways they never dreamed possible.

3. Experiment

Curiosity gets the better of them. They love their spouse but that does not stop them from trying this new thing. They may vow after it is over to never go down that road again but the initial experimenting has now set everything in motion. They liked the experience and whether they admit it to themselves or not there is no turning back.

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