One of the reasons that an extramarital seems to flourish and go undetected is the belief by many partners that it could never happen to them. While some of it sounds like pride another component is that people trust the one they are with implicitly. They have never considered such a thing so there is an assumption that neither has their significant others.

According to the website Infidelity Facts fifty seven percent of men and fifty four percent of women admit to having an affair regardless of what type of relationship they are in. The fact that certain websites are blatantly advertising infidelity hookups is a clear indicator how prevalent it is.

There are no definitive clues but there are certain things you can look out for.

1. The Ever Closer Friend

A certain person that you and your significant other have known for quite some time seems to be coming around more frequently. Or the conversations they have with your partner seem to getting more exclusive. Best friends have been known to break up more than a few relationships so it is important to take note of any contact that appears out of the ordinary.

2. That Certain Feeling

Call it instincts, intuition or sixth sense. Whatever the terminology it usually does a pretty good job of warning us when something is not right. Far too many of us ignore it when the bottom line is it is doing what it can to protect you.

3. Outside Sources

Not always reliable of course but people see and hear things. In many instances these sources know what is going on long before you do. Of course you have to be careful because they can easily lead you down a blind alley that turns out to be wrong. Still if you have suspicions that your significant other is cheating it will not hurt to stay in tune to see what you can pick up from these sources.

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