Warmer weather is creeping in, and soon you’ll be faced with spring cleaning. Luckily, you have a portable pressure washer, right? If not, then you’re missing out! Power washers make spring cleaning fun and effective.

Surface Cleaning

Start by taking a look at what areas have gotten the dirtiest over the winter. Walkway and driveway areas can stand to be cleaned of salt, gravel, and dirt accumulated from car tires and snow clearing. You could also use a surface cleaner to get an even, streak-free clean over larger surfaces.

Garage organization and cleaning

A big area you may not be thinking of is your garage. Giving a garage a complete reorganization and cleaning is a perfect way to start spring. It can be an especially good time to give a thorough cleaning after a winter season of tracking in snow and dirt through the garage. Once the space is swept clean, give the floor a final deep cleaning with a power washer for a pristine look, while also preventing another cleaning for a long time. What’s more, new power washer cleaning accessories, including surface cleaners and detergents, don’t break the bank and make deep cleaning easy. If you are using a petrol pressure washer, make sure to run it outside with the exhaust away from the garage and always remember to wear safety goggles, long pants and sturdy footwear during operation.

Pressure Washing Decking

Decking is likely dirty from coming in and out. Power wash your deck so you’re the first to be prepared for spring and summer barbecues. Stain the back patio/deck.

As you can see, there are plenty of spring cleaning jobs to do that can be made easier and much more fun with a power washer!

Key Steps:

  1. It’s a good idea to wear goggles when using a power washer to prevent debris from flicking up into your eyes.
  2. Do not allow a child to operate a pressure washer, as even though your child may think it looks like a fun toy, they’re actually powerful machines that can cause harm to your skin if not handled correctly.
    Not all power washers will work in the same way, so always follow the guidelines set out in the manufacturer’s manual for your machine.
  3. There’s no need to be afraid of a pressure washer – if used correctly, they’re ideal for cleaning stubborn stains on paving slabs and decking in the garden. They’re not a new concept, they’re quite affordable to buy or rent, and can really transform your garden from dull to dazzling.
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