In the current lifestyle, we are going to put all the fatty things out of our diet. Talk of butter, sometimes in the olden days, a lot of butter with roti was included in the morning breakfast, today we are completely ignoring it. But do you know that eating butter also has some of its own advantages? If you do not know, then definitely read it, and know these 11 benefits from the butter

1 Cancer - Yes, butter is not a minor thing. It helps you to prevent disease like cancer. Actually, fatty acid-conjoined linoleic, which is present in butter, mainly helps in prevention of cancer.

2 Osteoporosis - Vitamins, Minerals, and Calcium-rich Butter help to get rid of osteoporosis problems by making your bones strong. It is also very beneficial for teeth.

3 Fever- By consuming cow's milk butter and sanding sugar, the old fever is cured, apart from eating the honey and gold work together with butter, TB patients get the benefit.

4 Burning in the eye - Applying the cow's milk on the eyes is very beneficial when there is an eye irritation problem. For any reason, it eliminates the burning in the eyes.

5 heart problems -
A research by the Medical Research Council has revealed that those who add butter in some quantity in their diet, they are less likely to be at risk of heart disease, relatively less. It contains elements such as lecithin, iodine, and selenium in addition to vitamin A, D, K and E, which are good for heart health.

6 Thyroid -
Iodine is found in abundance in butter which is beneficial for thyroid patients. In addition, Vitamin A contained in it is highly beneficial for the thyroid gland.

7 Mood-made Mast-selenium found in butter helps you to improve your mood. So whenever your mood gets spoiled, a bit of butter can help you in fixing it.

8 Asthma - Even when there is shortness of breath, butter is beneficial. Saturated fats present in butter help the lungs and its consumption is also beneficial for asthma patients.

9 Antioxidant - Rich butter with antioxidant protects you from free radicals as well as protecting you from cancer or tumors. It is beneficial for the skin. Its massage results in the skin.

10 Piles - By mixing cow's milk butter and sesame, there is a benefit in eating Piles problem. Apart from this, mixing honey and standing sugars in the butter and eating it, the piles of the piles are cured. Nagkesar can be used instead of honey.

11 Fertility - The butter is considered to be very beneficial to increase fertility. It enhances the heat in the body and acts to increase the male and female hormones.

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