What can be consequential about state news? Sometime it can lead to a home unrest or civil war. Some times it may betray loopholes in national integrity to the whole world. Sometimes it is only treated as a state affair of no relevance at all and disregarded. Likeliness of the last argument seems truer in comparison of the other two but even they could not be neglected all together. India news has huge archives of incidents that shook the very core of India at times. By the way, what India really is? It is a piece of land divided into twenty-eight states or rather they are joined to make India. As news from significant countries makes world news so does the news from states make national headlines? The only difference is that “important” word forms the basis of selection of news.

There is no set of rules to sift important from unimportant. Only awareness and critical observation of current affairs leads to the deduction. Things that are fought on state level like the rights of river flowing between two states can be no significance to a nation until whole nation starts feeling the heat. Thus, sometimes it is only a matter of realization how state news transforms into national concern.

Shift from being state affair to national importance can take a time span from mere days to months and sometimes they are just instantaneously hit. There are certain subjects where state never occurs. Commercial news from Gujarat or Maharashtra need not tell their place of origin just as political news from Delhi. They are taken as World News by default.

People from all around the world might be interested to know what is happening around them merely for general awareness but things never stop here. As what happens in China can impact our speed of growth on a particular sector we ought to keep track of strengths and weaknesses of one another to excel. As always world news holds key to all such revelations.

News has always been there, to aware us, to guide us and more often than not to draw the picture of a future with respect to present. State news might or might not be important to us but they are to be concerned about. Things happening in a state can replicate in other for good or bad. Then, as an individual, we need to understand news and its impact above all. It doesn’t matter much if it is India news or world news.

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