When searching for information about “staying mentally active” you‘ll discover all kind of articles, books, methods and techniques which are too complex and not easy to remember. Actually, by the time you are on the bottom of the page you’ll forget the all methods you’ve read. I’ve checked a lot of writings, and the most include physical exercise, some special nutrition diet and complex mental games.

It’s great if anyone can incorporate these advises, but have in mind that there are people who are too much busy for making en effort like this. Some of them will not stick to the diet even if they are at risk of having a heart attack. So, here are few simple ideas on how to maintain your mind active.

Bring the opposite hand into play. In order to activate the opposite hand, the easiest thing you can do is to switch the side of your mouse pad. By doing this, you are exercising better communication for the two sides of the brain. Clicking the mouse with the opposite hand is something you can perform without a problem on a daily basis. Particularly it would be effortless to carry out if you are one of those individuals who spend a plenty of time in front of the computer. For the first couple of days you’ll probably find it strange and unusual. When facing with that kind of difficulties (especially if you are working with programs with intensive use of mouse) you will feel like stepping back from the start. But, don’t let go. Just keep trying. After the adjustment period you’ll navigate the programs efficiently with the both hands.

You can make an effort to achieve as many activities as possible with the opposite hand, but some of them might become hard after longer period of time.

Get involved in games that necessitate some thinking and analyzing. You don’t need to get to the bottom of some complex arithmetic problems to obtain a sharper mind. Participating in hidden object games or activities as easy as crosswords or Sudoku can have the needed power for growing the brain performance – says a big number of researchers.

When possible, play video games or board games together with other people. By doing that you’ll stay socially active and mentally occupied. Being in a rivalry while playing some time restricted game will force you to focus on the information and process them faster.

An important rule that you must remember, is the regularity of playing this kind of games. Try to incorporate these mind exercise into your daily routine. Even if you have a day full of activities, you can still catch a few minutes to make this exercise.

Don’t forget that the mind is a muscle that needs regular exercise. If you don’t keep it in shape, it won’t work very well. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing these simple exercises.

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