Staying In Marriage For Child: In A Loveless Marriage With Children - Here's What To Do!

If you are clear that you are miserable in your relationship, don't procrastinate on getting a divorce "for the sake of the children." While some experts would argue that having one parent move out of the home increases the stress on young children, consider the likelihood that the benefit of no longer seeing Mommy and Daddy fighting far outweighs any negative effects.

The premise for the remainder of this article is that you have already explored all avenues for rebuilding an empowering relationship with your spouse - you have talked, you have had counseling, you have contemplated your future.

Having determined that a happy relationship is no longer possible, you are considering remaining in your unhappy marriage "for the sake of the children." Don't do it. Here's why:

1. While growing up with two happy parents who love each other is probably the ideal nurturing environment for children, living with one happy parent is far better than living with two people who are unhappy and hate each other.

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2. However noble your intentions, you are not going to be able to fake happiness for long. Your children will recognize your unhappiness almost at once, and that will cause them great suffering.

3. While you and your spouse may make an agreement never to argue or treat each other badly in front of the children, you will not be able to keep such an agreement. You will exchange icy stares, unkind words, and sarcasm - if not worse - in spite of your resolve and idealism.

4. Your own well-being does matter, don't discount the importance of your own happiness. Martyrdom is highly over-rated. There is no special place in heaven for those who suffer for no good reason. Don't let guilt - which is also highly over-rated - cause you to make a decision that will certainly cause misery for both yourself and your children.

5. It is your decision - and you are responsible only to yourself in making this decision. Don't be bullied by your partner, parents, relatives, friends, or church. They may have some so-called "moral" position, but the only important factors to consider in making this decision are your children's well-being and your own.

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If you are faced with the question; 'what to do in an unhappy marriage? I would answer you quickly and say you cannot be happy in a bad marriage. What you can do is try and turn things around. Turn a bad marriage into a good one; then you can be happy. I will mention a few ways you could go about in turning your relationship around.

I'm sure there was a time when things were alright in your marriage. Then the time when things started going wrong you thought maybe it was just a phase and you would get past it. But here you are asking yourself how did things get this far? Don't worry your ship is not sinking yet. You can still be happy in your marriage.

You need to start talking with your partner because chances are you are not talking to each other. You are most probably engaged in a cold war. Take the first step and bring up the issue with your spouse. You first need to both agree there is a problem and that you are both prepared to try and fix it. Effective communication is top of the list if you want to know what to do in an unhappy marriage.

Secondly you need to make sure that it's all brought out. All the issues that are bothering the both of you; they need to made very clear. Resolve these issues and move on. Respect your spouse's feelings; do not rush to be defensive. Let them voice out their feelings and listen to their side of the story.

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Marriage is one of the happiest and memorable moments in our lives. Marriage is an intimate relationship of two people keeps connected together. It is a union of not only two individuals, but also of two different backgrounds and cultures. After a cheerful start of married life, there might be a possibility of some conflicts. These may be due to some misunderstandings, ego or other personal problems.

Starting and breaking up the marital relationship is quite easy, but it is very hard to keep the relationships alive and keep the marriage intact. When you feel that your marriage is in danger, you should take the efforts to save your marriage.

Here are 7 ways to save a marriage that can be effectively implemented in your married life.

1st way, face the problem

The first way to resolve the marriage problems is to agree that the problems exist. You should be honest with yourself, and try to improve them. If you try to avoid and go away from the issues, they will never be solved.

2nd way, conversation with your spouse

If you feel that your husband/wife has changed the way of interaction, then find out the reasons behind it. The best solution is to start the conversation with your spouse and keep your ears and mind open for the indirect hints from his/her conversation.

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3rd way, share the feeling

Give some time for each other to share the feelings. The purpose is to grab the attention of your partner and make your relationships healthy with natural attraction.

4th way, romantic approach

Reigniting your love and express your passion for your partner with special dates or surprises is one of the effective ways to save a marriage. Remember the most romantic times you spent together and recreate them with an addition of a unique and romantic approach.

5th way, handle the conflict persistently

There may be many obstacles when you are trying to fix the relationships. It might be hard for you to communicate with your spouse or you may be facing outside pressures from the family which may prevent you to focus on your goals. Even after facing these barriers, you should be persistent on your aims. You should be able to handle the conflicts safely.

6th way, seek the right advice

One of the important ways to save a marriage is to seek the right advice from your friends and family. You should try to get an expert advice from counseling sessions or books before you take any major decision. A wise advice can save your marriage, while bad advice may ruin it.

7th way, prayers

According to spiritualism, the prayer is to discover and develop the spirituality which can work a lot in every problem of life. Hence, you may start praying the God when you feel that your marriage is in crisis and you find yourself helpless. You can ask the religious leaders about prayers to save your marriage. You will be able to overcome the stress and live peacefully with the help of prayers.

Knowing about 7 ways to save a marriage, you would be able to resolve the problems in your marriage and live in a happy married life.

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There are so many different people that go through save marriage programs right now and they do that in order to save the relationship with the person they love or loved at one point in time. A marriage should be forever. That was the vow during the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, it's common for some of the marriages to break apart but most of them can actually be fixed. The problem is that people have one misconception that is a lot more popular than you might think.

So What Is The Misconception?

You will constantly hear the fact that people cannot change. Some will tell you things like "once a cheater, always a cheater" and you can be tempted to think that this is true. Well, the truth is not like that. It is just a misconception that is common. People can change and that is actually the basis on which a save marriage program works. If people would not change, it would be impossible to have people get over some mistakes.

What is a little hilarious is the fact that the opposite of this misconception is what is always true. People will change quite often. Just think about how you were 5 years ago. We are sure that you will quickly identify many different aspects. If not, just consider the fact that you are now reading this article. You wouldn't do that in the event that something did not change in how the two of you are feeling about each other. This includes aspirations, how you treat your spouse and many other facts.

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Using the Misconception to Save Marriage

Now that you realize that the statement above is just a common misconception and that the opposite is true, the question that appears is, "How motivated are you right now to change in a positive way?" You can work on changing yourself in a way that will make the marriage work. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to do that. That is where help from professionals should be obtained.

It is really important that you learn how to properly make a positive change in your personal life since the couples that can adapt, grow and change will be able to go through all problems that they'll encounter. It is quite easy to follow a save marriage system when the couple is open minded and genuinely desires to solve all the problems that they have.

A person that stays married is the person that is willing to learn, grow, risk, take action and change. To put it really simply, you will surely save your marriage in the event that you are willing to do absolutely all that it takes to solve problems and go over new problems, as they appear. This is a characteristic that any spouse that wants to save their marriage needs to have. A relationship can be transformed even if only one spouse invests in learning and changing. If you're ready to save your marriage, you will surely be able to do so with a good save marriage program.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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