Those who have been leading a very active social life are at the verge of depression because their movement is curtailed very much during the Corona pandemic. All the countries have limited the movement of people by announcing national level lockdowns. We have been moving in and out of lockdowns. Many countries have already moved into the second wave of mutated Corona virus.

In such situations, we are responsible for our own safety. Whether or not the governments have locked down the entire country, we need to be safe. We are to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. The basics of Corona prevention has to be followed strictly. Social distancing is the first measure for Corona prevention. Secondly, when you are required to leave your house for the most essential needs, you are expected to wear masks. Leaving the house without the mask could make you highly vulnerable to the Corona attack. Thirdly, wash your hands regularly with sanitizers. Avoid touching your eyes, ears and mouth when you leave your house for essential needs.

In order to help maintain social distancing many organizations have let their employees work from home. Social gatherings are avoided now and even if there are any social gatherings, they are to follow Corona prevention guidelines. Even after the lockdown is removed in many countries, people are still hesitant to venture out freely. This hesitation is of course a good hesitation and it will help you save your life.
Having said these, we cannot ignore the fact that this lifestyle has added a very high level of stress in everyone’s life. We do not have the regular psychological and emotional outlets that we are used to. People have started eating less in the restaurants for the fear of infection, travel plans have reduced greatly. This simply means that we do not have enough entertainment recreation.

The Corona pandemic situation has forced many people to search for the best porn sites for the want of better entertainment recreation options. All the adult sites have reported a marked increase in their traffic rate. As people are not able to freely move out as they are used to, the latest lifestyle is making the entire situation highly tensed and challenging.

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