Discursive essays are the most favourite assessment’s form among professors and teachers. Individuals who are not acquainted with discursive essays may find it a bit traumatic to accomplish the entire task beginning from selecting discursive essay topics to finishing it after proofreading and editing.

Being familiar with the discursive essay let’s discuss first what a discursive essay is. A discursive essay is an essay where you pick a controversial topic and support your viewpoint by gathering relevant data.

An efficient writer preparing this essay attempts to covers both views, along with showing why he supports one view over the other. This type of essay writing is a very good way to discover how you can structure an argument and support it and contradict the arguments supporting other side. If you are assigned with this discursive essay writing task, then believe that this task is going to open the doors of enhancing your writing skills.

Let’s get involved with the complete process that will guide you to prepare this type of essay -
1. Choose the best topic by jotting down all interesting controversial discursive essay topics in a notepad. Consider whether the topic will help you to cover the length required in an essay or not. By carefully analysing and observing the topic, pick a right one that seems perfect from all points of view.
2. Once you have done with the topics, commence writing by introducing a contentious topic in the first paragraph, explain it well and describe what your point of view regarding the topic is.
3. Elucidate the strongest argument in the next paragraph. In order to strongly support the viewpoint you hold about the topic, this argument should be the most convincing piece of evidence.
4. To strengthen it, provide expert’s views, figures and real-world examples, but mind to avoid anecdotal claims while carrying out the entire essay writing process.
5. Do not forget writing supporting paragraphs in decreasing order of importance. Each section should explain a single argument in detail.
6. Remember to explain the contradictory arguments in your essay. Explain the beliefs and reasoning of those supporting the counter arguments as entirely as possible.
7. Never artificially weaken the counter arguments in order to make your arguments strong. Instead represent the contradictory arguments fairly this will make your essay stronger.
8. Elucidate why you don’t agree with the counter arguments. Your reasons must be practical and logical. You may initiate with admitting the fact that some contradictory arguments are valid, but mention the points why you still consider your side is right.
9. For a conclusion of your discursive essay, state the point that acknowledges contradictory arguments and describe why you don't agree with it. Make your conclusion brief and catchy.

Hopefully, the above procedure mentioned in a sequential manner will help you out to craft your discursive essay perfectly. Even after reading these steps you are not getting a way out of it, then acquiring the professional essay writing services will definitely help you to successfully accomplish this task or assignment.

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