We all know that transformation is good. After all, it’s what turns caterpillar into butterfly. We love butterflies! They embody the process of transformation that leads to the blossoming of our highest potential. But when it comes to change, many of us act like the wiggly caterpillar and dive underground to keep our habits and play small. This article helps you release Caterpillar You to emerge as Butterfly You.

Let’s see what the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly reveals about your journey to do the crossover into your dream.

Caterpillar You
Don’t forget that the butterfly egg comes before the caterpillar. The potential for butterfly already exists in caterpillar. In that same way, your desire, your dream and the passionate call of your life purpose are the evidence of your true nature. It already exists in you. That is why you long to express it.

Your Dream (with capital D) is not something out there that you are going to get. Your Dream is a part of you that needs to express itself in the world in order for you to grow into your full potential and deliver your life purpose. This is the Butterfly You.

Do not confuse where you are at with who you are
Caterpillar You does not know that she carries the potential for Butterfly You. She longs to have wings and fly. She longs to drink the nectar of those beautiful flowers, but she’s stuck. And because she does not see her wings, she believes that she can never fly.

Your Hunger starves your Dream
Young caterpillars are ravenous. They devour every leaf on their path for weeks. In that time, they grow tremendously and multiply their body mass a thousand-fold. Your hunger for your dream is the force that pushes you towards manifesting it. It helps you grow. However, you need to tame this hunger with your faith. Otherwise, it overwhelms you and creates a constant feeling of lack and inadequacy. You work hungrily. You want hungrily. You seek hungrily. And the hungrier you are, the more you seem to starve. The slower you seem to grow. Your dream seems farther away.

Feed your Faith with the certainty that you are perfect for your purpose
During the caterpillar stage only your faith allows you to persist, because if truth be told, you don’t really know if you have it in you. How could this clumsy, hungry creature you are now could ever blossom into the magnificent being that you desire to be? Simply trust in your soul’s longing, your dream, your heart and the spiritual principle that you are perfect for your purpose. Faith and trust allow you to grow and expand into your true Butterfly nature.

Release old, limiting beliefs and habits
In order to grow as much as it does, caterpillar needs to shed its exoskeleton several times. To grow into your dream you need to release the beliefs, habits and perceptions that keep you playing small. Most people are too afraid to shed their existential exoskeleton. Their dream becomes a daydream, then an illusion and finally, regret. They do not make it to butterfly.

But that’s not you. You are a leader. You will do whatever it takes. And what it takes to outgrow the Caterpillar You is to shed three aspects of the caterpillar stage.

1.Hunger. Caterpillar You focuses on lack, on what you don’t have, on how far your dream is. You need to shed this hunger.
a.To do this, you need to RECEIVE and VALUE your own gifts and uniqueness.
b.You also need to practice GRATITUDE. Celebrating and receiving your blessings fills that big black starving hole within you.
c.Finally, you need to RECOGNIZE and NAME your strengths, developing your self-esteem and self-love.

2.Attachment to effort and sacrifice. As a woman, you were brought up in the belief that attending to yourself and your dream was selfish and that to be good you needed to sacrifice. If you see yourself playing the extra in your own life, while everyone else is the protagonist, it’s time to take your life back. You need space in order to fly.

If you come from a working family, you may also have a belief that you need to work hard (instead of working smart) and that it takes great effort to “make it happen.” While success does take effort, an attachment to effort creates more effort, and not necessarily results! If you see yourself multi-tasking madly and getting no results, you are playing Caterpillar You.

3.The Crawling habit. Caterpillar You is trapped in what I call Humbug Humility. This consists of:
a. Playing small to be safe or avoid rejection
b. Practicing false humility to keep yourself from naming your mojo and assuming your authority, and
c. Crunching your true stature in order to fit into other people’s expectations.

Until you release that tiny exoskeleton and assume your true stature, you will not become Butterfly You. For support in your metamorphosis, enjoy the Butterfly You! digital magazine at http://mariamar.com/butterflyU/

Shapeshifting into your new reality is about consistently affirming the Butterfly You and releasing the Caterpillar You. It is about using your creativity to paint a new world; the world of butterfly. It is about changing your story from one of crawling and struggling to one of flying and creating.

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Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist, is a sacred storyteller whose stories help women to change the stories that keep them playing small. She helps women to become their dream right now, right here. She is the creator of Butterfly You! digital magazine. Enjoy the current issue here: http://mariamar.com/butterflyU/