Are you having psychic experiences? Are you questioning whether your metaphysical experiences are real? Do you see or hear dead people? Are you sensing that angels, God, or other spirit entities are giving you messages?

Are you in the closet, so to speak, about your spiritual abilities? Perhaps you know your abilities are real, you have a circle of friends with similar knowings, and yet you feel that some people such as your employer, your family, your pastor, significant other, your doctor, your neighbors, or your therapist might write you off as delusional. About five years ago, I was that fearful person, dreading what people in my profession would think, if I revealed my secret.

Through an intense spiritual awakening and healing journey chronicled in my book Courageous Wake, I acknowledged my gifts and catapulted myself out of the spiritual closet. Along the way, I met more and more people who had opened to some powerful psychic gifts. Those people were coming out of the woodwork. They came from all walks of life: lawyers, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, stay-at-home-moms, hardly-ever-at-home-moms, dentists, counselors, psychologists, insurance executives, CPA’s, interior designers, and many more. A large group of these “in the closet” psychics and metaphysical healers were psychotherapists like me.
If you are questioning the authenticity of your metaphysical experiences, you are not alone. Many people just like you are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to accept what is happening to them. The other dilemma is, of course, whether or not to expose the real you.

In my experience, the only way to normalize a phenomenon is to talk about it openly and to generate an ever-expanding dialogue that increases awareness and understanding of the phenomenon. The dialogue along with the understanding eases fear of the unknown. At this time, in particular, a mass awakening and evolution is occurring on planet Earth. Intuition, psychic ability, telepathy, and channeling spirits are more prevalent than you think. It is time for humanity to acknowledge the reality of the metaphysical world and our connection to it. Remember, those who discovered first-hand that the Earth is round and not flat created quite a stir among humans; however, the increase in reports of this round world eventually spread to the collective consciousness of humanity. Hence, what was once unbelievable became an accepted truth.

So many of you have come to me for answers. I know that coming out of the spiritual closet was absolutely necessary, so that I could be a resource, or guidepost, for those tempted to question their sanity, especially when faced with skeptics. I validate and acknowledge you and your experiences. Remember, there are more of us out there than you know. Do not get caught up in mainstream propaganda such as “If you can’t measure it or detect it with the five senses, it is not real.” Do not buy into this thinking. Your intuition and other metaphysical communications are informing you in a much more accurate way than any five-sensory thinker or philosopher can.

Be grounded in your truth, express yourself as the real you ~ psychic abilities and all, and come on out of that closet. You have much to teach others. It is time.

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Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed,DD is a psychotherapist-turned-spiritual healer, intuitive, and author of Courageous Wake. For more information, go to