The heat and moisture in the air can cause a summer full of bad hair. Extremely curly hair and frizz prone hair take the majority of the beating from heat waves, but even straight hair can get a little hard to handle. You want to create the perfect hair every day, but sometimes your hair won’t cooperate. In those times you need a plan B! And I’ve got a plan for you!

1. Textured fishtail braid

This braid can be a saving grace for those who have the ultimate frizz situation. The idea is to braid the hair down to the side and tease the braid as you go. The fishtail intentionally works with the frizzy nature of your hair as you tease it.

2. Beachy waves

Thin and straight hair benefit the most from this style! Start this look the night before. You need day old hair so don’t worry about washing it. Use a dry shampoo if needed. Separate your hair into six to eight sections. Spray each section with sea salt spray and a little bit of medium hold hairspray, braid each section of the hair and tie it up in a satin bonnet. Sleep tight! The next morning undo the braids, tousle it with your fingers and you’re done! The waves will loosen throughout the day and create an effortless look.

3. Topknot

Sometimes throwing your hair up in a bun is best. If you must do it, then do it with style! Flip your hair over and while you are pretty much upside down, gather your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Turn the hair over on itself and secure the hair with bobby pins or another hair tie creating a “knot.”

4. Textured pony

There are three ways you can go about this look. Pull the hair back and to either the top, middle or the base of the head depending on the look you are going for. Secure the hair with a hair tie, sleek the hair back with a lightweight gel or hair cream, braid the ponytail and press the flat iron over the braid 10 seconds on each section on a medium heat. Undo the braid and you have a textured pony! If your hair is curly, then skip the iron and let the hair hang naturally.

5. Braided crown

The braided crown can be a lifesaver. It’s ethereal and elegant. Section the hair into front and back portions to make it easier to handle. Part the hair wherever you desire and use that as your starting point for the braid. Braid the hair around to the back of your head. Continue around the back until you have finished the braid. Pin the rest of the braid up and you’re good to go.

Anyone of these looks will have your hair looking great. Rotate them, add your own twist to them, and you are set for the entire summer!

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By: Alisha Long
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