In the Indian context, marriages are more than just union of two individuals; it involves two families as well. With many people in for celebration, marriage preparations are bound to get affected. It is quite natural if one gets to observe more conscious efforts put in for food and decoration for the wedding day. Indians, in particular emphasize the most on the former aspect while preparing for the wedding.

In the hush-rush of the ceremonies, it is the wedding photography that takes a backseat with other factors basking in the attraction like the above stated two aspects. While some do fix in a wedding photographer well in advance, others wake up at the eleventh hour. The result for the latter case is of course a bad wedding photography choice. Those who book for a photographer well in time do little search around for a versatile photographer who is well versed with Indian wedding photography. In most cases, a reference from relatives is more than enough, along with some background or portfolio check.

But the Indian wedding scenario is fast changing and photography is slowly but steadily gaining importance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a photographer who can catch all your moods on the wedding day? Indian weddings are not just a one day affair; there are rites and rituals being performed, that lasts over a week or two. Reliving those moments through photographs is what most people expect. However, if the photographer you opted for fails to meet expectations, it can surely ruin those special moments throughout the wedding ceremonies.

Choosing a wedding theme has a lot to do with how the photography turns out to be. Traditional Indian wedding photography themes are mostly based on families. On the other hand, the western world weddings focus more on the marrying couple than the entire guest list. Indian wedding photographers are traditionally well versed with the family based themes but are fast catching up with the individualistic style. Decide accordingly to ensure that your wedding day and its memories are long etched in everyone’s mind.

The most common source to look around for wedding photographers is the internet. Photography agencies or even individuals specializing in Indian wedding photography have their websites which have every possible detail you might enquire for. Websites have past works or the portfolio being exhibited for everyone to have a glimpse of their works.

Indian wedding photography has changed quite a bit in the recent past. Wedding is a onetime event and most probably the most soul touching ceremony of one’s life. Things going wrong on the wedding day are simply unacceptable as the marriage photography is equated with family pride. No one would wish to risk their family pride on such a special day, would you?

To be on the safer side, take some time out from your busy schedule to choose the right professional for wedding photography. Today many guys are out there claiming all expertise for Indian wedding photography, so choose with care as many might appeal at first, but testimonials might spell out otherwise.

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I, as a wedding photography,love to keep my work simple including reportage and contemporary styles. My aim is to capture beautiful images as the day unfolds, together with some stunning portraits of the bride and groom which will form a wonderful storybook consisting of beautiful and treasured memories of your special day