Valentine’s day Massacre is an incident which is given its name due to gang murder that took place on 14th February 1929. This day is now known as St. Valentine’s day. It is believed that there was one or more than one saint whose name was Valentine and the event Valentine’s day is forenamed after the latter.

Valentine’s day, in this era, is a date which is more than just important for the young couples. These love ones take their time out and splurge it with each other. They plan dates and buy lovely exciting gifts for much beloved persons in the life.

Love is such a wonderful and breathtaking feeling for the love birds that are deeply and madly in love. A feeling, which is beyond beliefs and imagination. A feeling, which cannot gather any word to articulate one’s emotion. What is the most lovely thing about love and affection is that, there is no boundary or limitation for falling in love. It can happen at any time, at any age. Be it young ones or elderly people. Love and affection are between parents and children; brothers and sisters; and even between teachers and students.

Friends gather on this day and celebrate Valentine’s day by presenting roses and gifts to each other. This shows their affection and friendliness towards each other. This increases the intimacy between friends. Strong bonds are developed among the friends.

So is with siblings. Whether among brothers and sisters, or brothers, or just sisters. No doubt, there are care and bonding between all of them. The siblings show their sentiments and care for each other by presenting gifts like teddy bears, chocolates or roses. These are some of the charming valentine’s day gifts which directly imply the heed in other’s heart.

Parents love their children like nothing else on the earth. Obviously, this relation has complete right to celebrate the eve of valentine’s day. So perfect day it is to show how much parents love their children by planning a small outing with family and presenting gifts to kids. In return children do the same. Some kids plan small surprise gifts for their parents and present them with great excitement. Some children also endow their parents and relatives with handmade valentine’s day cards.

In this period of love and bonding how can one forget his or her grandparents or elderly parents? These people are also parts of the event of valentine’s day and participate equally in it. They gift out their grandchildren and children with the desired gifts and then the aged couples take their time out for themselves. In similar manner students show their pure feeling and respect for their teacher via Valentine’s day celebration.

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