Students of different universities are often given different forms of assignments by the professors. With the help of the assignments, the professors usually want to test the different skills as well as the knowledge that is developed by the students in the semester courses and the classes. While attending the requirements, students often fail to understand how to proceed and take assignment help work. In many cases, the students are provided with the framework that guides them effectively. However, in other cases, students are just given the topic and are asked to write about the topic. Although, it might seem easier than the previous condition but in reality, it is more challenging. It is mainly seen that the students often fail to develop a framework that helps them in covering all the important details and information entirely. In most cases, it is seen that the students often miss important requirement and in turn stretch other information too long for which the word count of the assignments get stretched. This results in deduction of marks from the assignments. Therefore, students need to cover important information on the topic and for this, they need to devise out innovative frameworks that would help in developing ideas on them.

• An important yet innovative structure from which the students may derive idea is the diamond structure. In case of essays, and case study, the structure which is normally followed is the introduction, body, conclusion. However, in this type, the introduction will be very precise which will only contain information that will help the readers to understand and comprehend the main points in the body. This part will not reveal bulk information. The body will mainly contain important information, with each new information, being in definite paragraphs. One point will help in leading to the next point but care should be taken that the points are not repeated. Just like real diamonds that have sharp edges, in the same way, the important points in introduction and conclusion will be very precise.

• Another important framework, which can be also followed by the students while developing their own new innovative framework, is the SEEEE assignment structure. Here, S stands for statement. The statement should give a complete expression so that the reader can speculate the subject and does not require any clarification or confusion about what to expect on the content. Then the first E stands for Evidence. The students need to provide evidences with proper references as the consequences of plagiarism are quite harsh on the student’s career.
The second E stands for evaluation. Here the students need to provide several synopsis of the main subject where they should discuss about the points that are supplied in the evidences. The third E stands for examples where students need to incorporate examples that would be in relation to the theories and the elements introduced in the contents. The last E stands for explanation where the students need to explain the examples they provided, a convincing explanation helps in encompassing every elements so that the entire assignment is comprehensive.

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