Hazards of stress

Everyone experiences stress at various stages of normal life. This has to be dealt with quickly as it can affect your health. When you experience stress, your body performance changes and there occur chemical changes in your brain which may be hazardous to your health.

Health issues subjected to stress are:

• Loss of sleep
• Loss of Energy
• Tension and stress
• Headaches
• Depression and anxiety
• Rise in the blood pressure
• Pain in the body.
• Loss of weight etc

There are researches conducted to learn the impact of stress on the health issues and problems. There have been various theories that prove that stress causes lot of health issues. The common health issues caused by stress are headaches, loss of sleep, lack of appetite and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Experiencing stress causes chemical changes in human body and brain. This alters the biological processes of the body. For example, women having to deal with excessive stress in life will suffer abnormalities in their menstrual cycle mainly by missing their menstruation or having abnormal bleeding. Apart from that, stress also causes hormonal imbalances which may generate symptoms of fibroid tumors and endometriosis to exhibit.

The state of stress also affects your cardiovascular condition causing heart diseases. People suffering from high stress can also suffer from serious cardiovascular conditions like heart attack, heart palpitations, high and low blood pressure and stroke.

The other common sufferings related to stress are fatigue, emotional disorder, headaches, ulcer, cold, infections etc.

Caring for your body

As you have learnt the effects of stress on a person’s body, it is high time that we start taking care of our body and mind. Few people are so absorbed in stress that they forget to care for their body. It is therefore very important that you try to keep yourself away from stress and illness.

Useful methods to handle stress and develop health:

• Give your body time to recharge by relaxing
• Get sufficient sleep if you are working too much.
• Have a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins.
• Try to indulge in physical activities such as going to the gym; playing outdoor games etc. This helps to release the endorphins, improving the frame of mind.
• Do not try to overcome stress with unhealthy methods such as smoking, drugs or consuming alcohol.

Get professional assistance on stress.

It is important that you consult a doctor or get advice from a professional to manage stress. It becomes more important when the stress has affected your health to a large extent. These professionals can help you to overcome stress and recover from your health issues as well.

It is true that people are too consumed with stressful situations and they fail to seek assistance when it is needed. Below are a few symptoms of stress for which you need to consult a professional as early as possible:

• Lack of sleep
• Self destructive thoughts
• Loss of appetite
• Sudden changes in body weight
• Wanting to be isolated from others etc

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