With growing modernization and our fast paced lives we tend to experience a condition called stress. Stress may be defined as pressure felt by individuals throughout their lives; it may be physical or mental in nature. Some even define it as psychological imbalance between the expected result and the input of the person leading to disparity and emotional turmoil.

Every problem has a solution and so does the latter. People nowadays are going for Stress Consultation therapies. A Stress Consultant is a person who offers his/her professional service based upon certain theories and observations to help the affected person get rid of stress of all kinds in exchange for a fee. In such therapies the stress affected individual is given possible solutions to reduce his/her stress. For example the therapist lays down the plausible reasons for stress and ways to get rid of it.

Stress from personal life
Stress Consultation mainly focuses here on family conflicts. In recent times we have seen an increase in the divorce rates among families leading to stress and turmoil. Many a times the child is sent to live with his/her other relatives or to a Foster Care. Broken marriages mainly harm the children. Domestic violence is yet another reason for stress in personal life. Molestation whether inside or outside the house ruins the life of the victim.

Stress from peer pressure
Peer pressure is yet another reason for ever growing stress. Sometimes an individual does something to impress or gain the goodwill of his peers whether it is morally correct or not. Even if his conscience does not allow him to do so he does it simply to feel accepted, a part of his peer group. Robbery, deceit, bullying are some of the negative aspects of peer pressure. We’ve seen people committing minor crimes like underage driving, drinking, clubbing etc.

Stress due to inferiority complex
This perhaps in one of the crucial reasons leading to stress. Self confidence and appreciation is extremely important for the growth and development of an individual. Sometimes an individual suffers from inferiority complex. A phenomenon in which he/she considers himself inferior or weak as compared to others. This hampers his/her overall performance and leads to mental illness and psychological pressure.

Stress due to stiff competition
In today’s World there is an ever increasing competition in every workplace. Superiors want the best results and output from their employees. Based on their performance the employees or subordinates are rewarded with bonus pay, promotion, appreciation for good quality work and demotion or suspension for inadequate quality of work. The individuals always try to strive for excellence and appreciation from their superiors.

Hence it becomes almost mandatory for the stress affected person to go for Stress Consultation therapies in order to tackle this mental illness and anxiety. Suffering from stress is not out of the ordinary but its removal is of utmost importance, be it in a minor or a major. But still in many countries visiting a therapist for stress relief is considered a taboo. People tend to shy away from such helpful consultations and it should not be so.

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All individuals have stress depending on their age and issues. The stress management programs taught on the wellzee.com website will help you to control stress and lead a happy life. Mr. Gaurang Chandarana is a certified counselor and yoga teacher, who has practical experience in this matter