If you or a loved one suffered a stroke, we must remember the main thing: a diagnosis is not a sentence. Of course, it takes a lot of effort from a patient and his family to overcome this tragedy. Great importance here is attached to the understanding of what is happening. If a person is well informed, he or she is less afraid of an illness and is better able to cope with it.

Stroke or acute cerebrovascular accident – is the most dangerous disease of the cerebral vessels. Typically, a stroke results in a speech disorder, mental changes, cuts, paralysis and disturbance of control of pelvic organs. Vision, hearing, taste and smell may also suffer as a result of the damage to those parts of the brain that are responsible for performing these functions.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that such well-known methods of rehabilitation as physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy are wonderfully supplemented and amplified by homeopathy.

The homeopathic method of rehabilitation after a stroke, given its uniqueness and the lack of side effects, provides a real chance not only to restore the functions of the organism, but to prevent from the recurrent strokes.

Why? First, while conducting homeopathic rehabilitation I choose individual homeopathic remedies. The basis for selecting the right agent is an extensive interview, which in turn allows me to identify character traits, heredity, habits and likes and dislikes of a patient - i.e., his or hers "unique traits", individuality, and most importantly to understand the causes of a disease. Also taken into account is that in addition to physical symptoms a patient is experiencing mental suffering: has to adjust to the interruption of the habitual way of life, feels shame for his or her helpless state and fears being a burden to the family, experiences melancholy, stillness and isolation ...

Secondly, homeopathy has remedies to specifically treat certain areas of the cerebral cortex and directly affecting paralysis, paresis, visual disturbances, speech, memory and motor coordination. This allows, using the results of MRI diagnostics, to select homeopathic remedies while taking into account the affected areas of the brain closely interconnected with healthy areas.
This approach is beneficial not only for a more successful rehabilitation, but also for the prevention of recurrent strokes and that gives us the ability to run ahead of the curve.

A stroke dramatically changes the lives of not only a patient but also of his or her household. On the shoulders of the relatives falls a huge load of patient care, an oppressive feeling of anxiety and the pain of seeing a suffering of a loved one.

Remember, homeopathy has special remedies capable of helping and supporting people whose relatives suffered a grave illness.

Hilda Spektor, ND


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