Vision as we all know is the ability to think or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence. It is equally a driven force that keeps one moving even when the journey is not smooth. Vision is an illusion on our way especially when dark shadows tossed therein.

As important as water is to fish, so is vision to Student. One without vision is undoubtedly off balanced. During child hood days, I carelessly split kerosene into a bucket of water; I found out that the kerosene was floating on top of water. The quantity of water was greater than the kerosene. I reasoned later, and understood that the density of water is greater than kerosene, hence kerosene afloat when mixed with water. Someone without a vision is like oil mixed with water which floats none directionally; he lacks foundation, and a strong ground on which to stand.
A student with a vision answers these questions which include:
Where am now?
Where am I going?
How can I get there?

It sounds very irritating that most student do not have an answers to this questions yet they what to be successful in life. Remember this indicate you are visionless.I want to go further to analyze what vision means

V is for valuables: this means something of great worth, things one has to keep interest in and pursues with his spirit, soul and body. Do you have value for education? The main reason some of us fail is because we don’t value what we are doing. Hence we face it with “I don’t care” approach. We should heartily embrace our academic work and see changes.
I for ideas: this is the image in your inner mind on how to achieve certain goals. Idea answer the question “how will I get there” it tells us what to do in order to get at the top. Idea + effort = reality. When you value a profession, it does not end there but requires an idea on how to achieve the goal.

S is for serve: being useful to achieve or satisfying something. It is the key that opens the door of academic satisfactions Instigation: instigation is moving to action by impulse or influence. The impulse comes from your value of what is entrusted into your hand (your academic).
I is for instigation: Instigation answers the question “where am I going to” here the idea you so much value projects toward you towards works and directs your feet. The sole aim of this is that we endeavor to materialize our dream. So have instigation which is fire-fly in the dark
O is for order: order tells us the state in which a thing must be done. This presents us with the method and pattern in accomplishing a task. Whenever you are spurred to do anything, ensure it is done orderly. To me, no matter how difficult a task may be, with instigation and orderliness the end product is success. I urge you to be orderly even when facing difficulties for this is always the point of evaluation.
N is for nature: this turns to analyze how fast you will move when we learn to muse upon our dreams. This is the surest and fastest means which one can skyrocket oneself. Now I belief that with all that has learn so far the true meaning of vision is clear Note that a visionless patient is like an epileptic patient who falls on in way to success and remain there until his colleague over take him to the destination.

Are you languishing in an ocean of visionless nests? It is high time you make a “u turn” and fashion out tomorrow for you self

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