Do you want a Life during school?
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Is there Life after Study?
For every classroom hour, you are told to study 3 – 4 hours outside of the classroom. That is ABSURD!
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You, or someone you know right now is being forced into hard labor just because they are attending school. Students that have a full class load would most likely be spending no less than 20 hours per week in the classroom. Then to take things past ample and into excruciating is the requirement that you are studying 60 – 80 hours per week outside of class to maintain good scores. That would be about 100 hours commitment per week. You were not meant to be an island. You have isolated yourself. Now you have become a study island; where nobody else can go.
Some students must support their schooling with a full-time or part-time job. Most jobs do not accommodate you studying while you are on the job. Pretty soon the student starts thinking the job is much easier than the schooling and all the study they must do each and every day. To let the study time lapse is lethal to good scores… as you have been told.
How To Study
What is all this study really worth? Sure, students want to see results from the effort they are putting into their studies. But, more often than not, the amount of energy that is put into study, does not reconcile to the resulting grades. Imagine how you would feel if while all your naturally smart friends were out, having a great time at the beach or at a ball game, while you have a ball and chain, anchoring you to your studies. And they get better grades than you do. WOW! That got to hurt.
What makes your fiends different from you, that you have a life of study, and they actually have a life? What special information did you miss along the way? You received all the traditional ways to study properly; reading, re-reading, note-taking, outlines, taking tests, study groups, quizzes, mock-testing, etc. Gee, no wonder this study takes so much time. With all the extra effort, you would expect your payoff to be huge, but is only mediocre in comparison. Maybe the traditional way to study is flawed somehow.
Study Tips
When you are engaged with serious study, you must be efficient. Start analysing which things work for you, and which things don’t. Any study habit that does not pan out, stop using it. Stick with only those that work for you. Remember those friends that don’t need to study? This is most likely the answer you are missing. Everyone is born with a photographic memory. Some people are able to keep using it into adulthood. Most people, like you, loose contact with it. But there are specifically designed techniques that allow you to regain access to your photographic memory. Then you too, can have a Life during school. Now, all you need is the technique.
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Dr Panzo is the Genuine Successor, and the only personally authorized teacher to carry on the work, of Master Richard Welch, PhD, the “Father of Mental Photography”
Dr Shannon Panzo is an expert of Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and the practical functions and applications of the brain, and how to make your brain work better for you to achieve a better life. More of a Mentor than a Coach, for over 30 years he has taught people how to access the higher uses of their mind, and endeavours to help people to gain and maintain their lives in a positive way