With such a great variety of study-abroad options for International students, it is often seen that a student gets confused as to which country to go for. Each overseas destination has its own perks as well as drawbacks. Whether to target top Universities or go for an economically viable program; part-time work opportunities, or a post-study work visa options; students must look at all such factors before deciding upon the country he wishes to pursue his overseas education.
Through this series of articles, we seek to provide a comparison of different countries, taking into consideration the highlighting points of studying in that particular country. Knowing about these salient features of various countries in terms of the advantages that are offered for International students would definitely help students make the right choice of study destination. We will be comparing Australia and Canada, two top destinations for International students for studying abroad.

Australia comprises of the mainland of the Australian Continent and is the 6th largest country in the world by area. It is a country with the widest range of geodiversity, with deserts, rainforests and mountains. As far as promoting the influx of international students is concerned, the Australian government welcomes the international population and invests hundreds of millions of Australian dollars in scholarships, a fact in favor of Study in Australia for International Students.
Located in the northern part of North America, it is the second-largest country by area. The Canadian Government actively invites foreign students since they contribute hugely to the national economy. It is due to the Canadian government’s immigrant-friendly policies that Canada has been increasingly attracting International student population and turning out to be one of the topmost foreign education destinations.

University Options
Both Countries have highly ranked institutions which feature highly in world rankings. Australia has 8 Universities in the top 120, according to QS World University Rankings 2019 and three of them have 5-star ratings. The highest ranked Australian University is the Australian National University, at 24th position followed by the University of Melbourne, ranked 39th. Canada has 7 of its Universities in the top 200, with the highest ranked Canadian university being, the University of Toronto, at 28th position followed by McGill University at 33rd position.

Co-op and Part-time work options
Both Australia and Canada allow the student to work part-time for a duration of 20 hours per week. The minimum wage is quite high in both countries and students may earn significantly while working part-time. Opportunities for part-time work are also abundant in both countries.
Canada is famous for its co-operative programs. Among the List of Universities to Study in Canada for International Students offering co-op programs, the University of Waterloo has the largest co-op program in the world. Programs in Computer science are some of the most popularly opted co-op programs pursued by international students.

Students and their parents are concerned primarily with the finances that would be needed to take care of overseas study in a foreign destination. While Canadian Education fee and living expenses are economical, as compared to other popular foreign destinations, Australian education tends to be a little expensive for the student since the education fee and living expenses are somewhat higher, taking into account the high standard of living in Australia.

Post-study Work Options
Both Australia and Canada have the provision of the post-study work visa. Both countries encourage a skilled workforce comprised of international students, which helps boost their economies.
While the Australian Student visa is liable to be extended for 2 years*, Canadian Study permit can be extended for a 3-year period for international students.
Determining the best possible country option may not be a simple task, but knowing the benefits offered by each country might simplify the student’s decision making. However, in order to get complete assistance as far as university and program shortlisting, Exam coaching, Visa assistance, and even Education loan assistance, you can get in touch with the topmost Studies overseas consultants in Nagpur.

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Confusing about deciding study abroad destination? Let’s have a look at all the factors related to Studying in Canada and Studying in Australia for International Students.