Kids get attached to teddy bears, stuffed animals, dolls and puppets, of course with good reason. These are not just toys but beyond them. A stuffed animal is the first friend of your kids and loves to play with it all the time. Such toys teach your kids a lot of important skills and improve social development as well. Isn’t it good to buy a new teddy bear for your kids for the learning purpose?

Stuffed Animals: The Teaching Toys

Visit a toy store near your home, or online, and you will be seen a wide range of education gadgets that can help your kid to learn things quickly and turn into a mini-Mensa member. However, not all teaching toys are suitable for your toddler. To choose the right toy, you must understand and examine what your lovely child do things during the day time. But at the toddler age, the best teaching toys include stuffed animals, teddy bears (favorite for all ages), puppets and dolls.

Believe it or not, playing with stuffed animals have various benefits over others, study says. Kids believe that the princess doll or a stuffed animal is a real living thing. So, they love to relate and attach emotions to them. You might have seen that kids express their emotions while playing with toys that your kids might not able to express using the words. For 2-3 years old kids, toys are nothing less than teachers. They can master social skills, improve vocabulary, learning things, showcase expressions and much more.

Here we have listed a few lessons a stuffed animal (teacher) can teach your kids.

Being Independent

Paul Donahue, Ph.D. holder & Child Psychologist says, “Stuffed animals and princess dolls can help 2-3-year-old kids cope with anxiety.” When your kid is with the toys, he/she doesn’t feel alone. Your toddler kid wants to explore things but the freedom may freak him out if he doesn’t have toys to play with. To overcome the situation, you should encourage your kids to play along with the teddy bear for 10 minutes to half an hour twice a day to improve self-reliance and build confidence.

Another way to foster the skill, let your toddler practice skills with the stuffed animals. For example, when it is time for brushing teeth, just ask your kid to show teddy how it is done. You can also tell your kid “show the stuffed animal how to get dressed well and arrange the stuff in a proper manner”. 

Showcase the Emotions

A 2-3-year-old kid experiences intense feelings every time but he can’t express them that can lead to a tantrum sometimes. This is the right time for kids to learn to manage emotions by playing with stuffed animals and dolls. The question raises in your mind “How can I do that?”

Get used to a stuffed animal or a teddy bear to determine the real scenario that makes your kids upset frequently. So, what to do? Let the teddy bear play the role of a kid. Now ask the question to your kid that “Why is your teddy is so sad and crying?” Let your child give an answer and they will tell what a teddy feels. Now, you just need to reenact the whole scenario and understand what makes your kid upset. Now, you have an answer and you can do possible things to make your kids happy.

In short, a teddy or a stuffed animal can help your kids to showcase emotion and handle the situation.

Making Ready Your Kids Play with Others

A 2-3 years old kid is just starting to play with other kids & make friends. The stuffed animals and teddy bears provide kids a good opportunity to practice things, empathize with others and share stuff with friends. So, when your kid insists you to play with the stuffed animals, grab it as a chance to teach her how to get along with other kids and people. When you make something to eat for your kid; teach your cute one to share it with others. For example, “We have a brownie and everyone needs one piece, let’s give one to a teddy bear and one to your princess”.  Also, remind a kid to make pieces even and share with everyone otherwise princess will get upset.

Learning Language Quickly

Learning a language is not that easy for toddlers if they haven’t any toy with whom he/she can practice speaking. At the toddler age, kids listen to and speak 10 new words daily and when he starts talking with a toy like a stuffed animal, he is listening to his own sound of his own voice. This can help a kid to improve his vocabulary and also the pronunciation.

So, having a stuffed animal, a doll or a teddy bear is worth to your kids to improve their social skills and much more. Get a stuffed animal online for your toddlers and let them learn and explore things quickly.

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