It all starts with sending out a few emails on a daily basis, progresses to submitting batches of articles and press releases every other day, on to uploading your newly generated pristine videos to YouTube etc, and finally, posting obsessive announcements to an ever-growing trail of social media sites.

Few people do all of this manually of course; they have access to tools that help a bit; individual tools for each classification of directory.

But it eats up precious time chasing around from one piece of software to another and it can drive you crazy…

At least it did for me until recently when quite by chance I came across viral submitter software that does it all; software that is available for download at no charge.

Now my time has freed up considerably; allowing me to concentrate on what I do best, what fulfils me, what makes me money; creative writing.

I’m back working on my 38th book after a gap of one year spent on mind numbing, energy sucking promotional submission.

What is even more satisfying is the fresh impetus awakened in me to forge ahead on my 39th and 40th books; crafting them from niche non-fiction topics that have been lurking at the back of my mind for years.

So, what does my free software do for me?

• Submits videos automatically
• Submits articles automatically
• Submits press releases automatically
• Submits to social media sites automatically

And in the process it proceeds to…

• Generate traffic automatically
• Generate subscribers automatically
• Generate sales automatically

By being able to robotically submit my disparate promotional content to the most powerful directories on the internet, I am now working smarter; not harder.

As a direct result, I am pumping out more marketing material than ever before but in a fraction of the time I was using beforehand.

Above all, I have discovered that this automated traffic-getting technology
sends more highly targeted visitors to my sites for free.

If as happened to me, you find your own time controlled by arduous and endless submission to directories, you might consider downloading at no charge (and just a small favour in return) the ingenious software that freed me from slavery.

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