There is a lot more to using online social network sites for marketing your business than simply making product offers and assuming you are good to go! The fact is if you intend to use such sites you must first have an online presence that is consistent with any claims or offers you make! It makes little sense otherwise to try marketing your business to people if you've got little or nothing to show!

Here are 3 things you'll want to establish and maintain on a consistent basis if you intend to make product offers on any social sites!

Online Presence

When marketing your business at any social sites you need to have your 'ducks in a row' in terms of having a website or blog! Having an online presence such as this only lends to the legitimacy of any claims or product offers you make! Quite simply all businesses need a location or 'store front' that people can visit and where you can make available to them the opportunity to make purchases!

Useful Content

The 'destination' you send any traffic from social sites to should be one that contains plenty of useful and relevant content! Consider your site as the next step in your trust building 'funnel' and a much needed online presence! The content found on any site you use for marketing your business must reflect what it is you offer or represent! Furthermore you want to be mindful that any content people do view at your site is of interest and contains accurate information as well! The point here is that if people do not make a purchase they may at least be interested enough in returning later on to view any new content!

Thematic Promotional Offers

This is to say that whatever service or product offers you make must share a relevancy with the theme of your site and the content found on it! Displaying any inconsistencies here will only serve to confuse visitors you are marketing your business to along with weakening your brand! Let's face it getting traffic can be a 'headache' therefore it makes NO sense to 'blow it' by drifting away from the theme of the business you represent!

Online social network sites are a great source of traffic and an easy way for marketing your business provided you're set up to do so! You can't expect to start making product offers at these sites without already establishing some type of online presence! This presence only serves to lend a certain 'legitimacy' to what you do while also giving visitors something to view that 'reinforces' your business claims! The 3 things you'll want to already have in place before marketing your business to members of any of these online communities are listed and discussed above! After all, you can't expect to gain the trust of others or establish authority in your field without some type of 'consistent' online presence already established?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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