What if you had a good domain name that has all good qualities in it? You won't have stress of ever regretting that you made a mistake when buying a domain name and wanting to register a new one. It won't give you any troubles as you continue building and adding new projects on your website. In fact, you'll grow with it and become compatible with it.

Here are Eight Qualities of a Good Domain Name to Consider

1.) No Hyphen

Don't have a hyphen in your domain name. A void it. It is not easy for surfers to remember it especially when typing your domain name that has got a hyphen on their browser or when recommending your website to their friends. Use a hyphen only as a last resort. Use it under these circumstances only:

A.) When registering your domain name you find that it is already registered then you can register the same name by including a hyphen.

B.) If you have more than one word, you can include a hyphen between those words.

2.) Popular Extension

The type of extension also known as suffix is important for your website. Don't choose a wrong extension that surfers are not used to. It is a good idea to go for a dot com suffix since a high percentage of surfers are used to it.

3.) Meaningful and Descriptive

A good domain name should be meaningful. It should bear a meaningful word for your website. It should describe your website concept.

4.) Unique

Come up with a domain name that is unique. It will identify your website as being that website only and not any other website.

5.) Short

A good domain name should not have more characters including the suffix. Choose a name that is short. When you keep your domain name short, it becomes easy for surfers to remember and type it on their browsers correctly without misspelling it.

6.) Only Letters, Numbers and Hyphen

For you to register a good domain name it should only have letters, numbers or hyphens. It should not contain an underscore or other symbols. When including either a number or hyphen, make sure it is not at the beginning or at end of your domain name.

7.) Keyword

It is such a good idea to include your website concept keyword in your domain name. This will help surfers to find your website easily on the search engines. A good domain name is the one that has a keyword.

8.) Easily Remembered and Memorialized

Select a good domain name that surfers will recall easily at any time and the one they're able to memorize without any difficulty.

Now that you have got the qualities of a good domain name, go ahead and register yours. It is simple.

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