Searching for a way to avoid followers on Instagram or Twitter calling your wedding gown boring or ill-fitted?


Well; you are not alone as everyone wishes to look gorgeous as they walk down the aisle on their big day. And for that, they wish for their wedding gown to be immaculate in its every nook and corner.


But shopping for ‘that appropriate’ wedding gown might not be as glamorous and hassle-free as one imagines. And, the fact that brides tend to make mistakes when selecting their desirable gown doesn’t bode well for the cause either. While some blunders are minor, others can prove extremely detrimental to the whole process of finding that perfect gown.



Furthermore, even if one does manage to find a gorgeous gown for the big event, most brides tend to mess it up by falling prey to temptations or over-analysing the dos and don’ts. This makes the task more challenging. 


Fret not; this post will shed light on those common mistakes that brides tend to make when sorting their wedding gowns. Follow attentively.


  • Underestimating The Weight Of The Gown:


Regardless of whether one wishes to take that gown across continents or merely wear it for hours; one must not underestimate the weight of their selected gown.


One should check out how much it weighs during their dress rehearsal. And, this is important, as one does intend to dance late into their wedding night by spinning and moving around in their gown without worrying about its weight.


  • Bring In Too Many Eyes To Shop:


Just as too many cooks spoil the roast, too many eyes make decision making difficult. Bringing in more crowd invites lots of conflicting decisions, thus making you take second guesses.


Always entrust the responsibility on one or two people (choose those who give honest and unbiased opinions about the gown). It is a safer bet to sort the right one from the many gorgeous wedding gown in Melbourne for the grand event.


  • Not Thinking Long And Hard About The Budget:


Defining the budget before-hand is also a big mistake which many brides-to-be make when searching for their wedding gowns.


So, what one needs to do is not fall in love with dresses which are a bit beyond their purchasing power. Rather, decide what price tag they are comfortable in forfeiting. Clearly, communicate the budget with the dress consultant and request them to suggest options which meet the budget and occasion requirements.


  • Most Importantly- Shopping Late Or Way Too Early:


Ideally, to-be-brides should start shopping 8-10 months prior to their big day. More importantly- one should place their wedding gown order at least 6-7 months before.


This presents enough time to adjust the fitting, measurements or even add some custom designs to the gown. Lead times which are lesser than 6-months are regarded to be rush orders. And the issue that one could face is paying more money to the wedding dress designer in Melbourne in order to get the gown in their schedule.



These are those common mistakes that to-be-brides should avoid at all costs. So, keep these aspects in mind when sorting the right wedding gown. It will make the process a whole lot easier.


Here’s Wishing All The Best For The Search.

Author's Bio: 

The author works as a professional wedding dress designer in Melbourne for years. With that, the author also posts informative blogs on a gorgeous wedding gown in Melbourne which are popular.