For every motorist, his car is the best in the world and therefore when it comes about its maintenance, he/she get it serviced by an expert technician. This has resulted in the huge demand of expert car technicians across the world who are skilled with vast knowledge of car mechanism. Interestingly, this requirement of experienced technicians has also resulted in the emergence of cut throat competition among this segment. Going through this competition the technicians are always keen to enhance their knowledge in the techniques that are helpful in enhancing the performance of the car.

Swiftech training is one such training that plays an incredible role in improving the performance of the car in terms of both power generation efficiency and fuel efficiency through engine control unit remapping. Now the question arises that what is an engine control unit remapping? In simple words an ECU remapping may be defined as the process that is helpful in re-writing the software installed in the engine control unit of the car. It would be interested to know that with changing time use of computer software for controlling the functionality of different components installed in the cars has dynamically changed the car mechanism below the bonnet to huge extent.

As the time passes there is decline in the working efficiency of different parts, resulting a decline in the power generation efficiency and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Remapping the engine control unit changes the settings of the software and extracts the hidden power of engine which is helpful in improving an overall performance of the car. But as the process of re-writing software requires an expert technician to upgrade the software, there is need of expert technicians who are well versed with the process of using the tools used for remapping the engine control unit.

Swiftech training course has been developed to literate the car technicians willing to enhance their knowledge in remapping the engine control unit system. The topics covered under training are:

  1. Method of using the deactivation models for example, DPF, EGR, DTC, 02 and speed limiters;
  2. Diesel remapping;
  3. Gasoline NA remapping; and
  4. Gasoline turbo remapping.

There are different types of courses initiated for the persons willing to explore their knowledge in Swiftech training.

  1. Swiftec Master: 5 day combined diesel and gasoline course: This three day course educates the technicians about the remapping of both diesel and gasoline engine types. During the course students are given the theoretical and practical knowledge of using the software. The worth mentioning of undergoing this training is that students are trained under the natural environment by making use of different tools.
  2. Swiftec Master: 3 day course in gasoline engine: This course is particularly developed for the technicians willing to explore their knowledge specifically in remapping the vehicles empowered with gasoline engine. During the execution of course students are given both theoretical and practical training similar to the students undergoing five day combined course.
  3. Swiftec Master: 3 day course in diesel engine: Similar to gasonline engine this training course is designed for the students keen to explore their knowledge of remapping the diesel engine.
  4. Swiftec Master: 1 day advanced tuning course: This might surprise you, as the course related with the engine control unit remapping cannot be done in a day. But still undergoing this course will be given substantial knowledge about the remapping of both the engine configurations.

Can off-shore students undergo this course? Interestingly an answer to this question is YES, if you are an off-shore student and willing to enhance your knowledge in engine control unit remapping then by joining an online course you can accomplish your training. The course is conducted through video conferencing and skype depending upon your ease.

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