During the Victorian era, plumpness was a fashion statement. It represented wealth and status. Paintings and other forms of art in these times portrayed Cellulite as being sexy where women would show off large thighs with lumps on them. If these portraits tell us that lumps and rolls are the definition of sexy in their times then it could not be further from the truth today.
In today’s modern perception, cellulite is simply an undesirable physical feature. Ninety (90%) of women around the world fall victim to this condition as age and diet takes its toll on their body. Men fall victims to cellulite as well. While women can be seriously affected with this condition just due to their struggles with vanity, the self esteem of both sexes can be lowered as they become more conscious with these unsightly natural changes in their bodies.
Summer and Cellulites
Summer is fast approaching. Two things that come into our minds: 1) “Can I lose weight before it is too late?” or 2) “Will my current bathing suit hide these extra lumps?” Today, swimsuits and cellulite are entirely contradicting much as the phrase Sexy Cellulite is considered an oxymoron. It could be an embarrassing experience when your swim wear betrays your unregulated lifestyle or undeniable age. Even the more confident ones will struggle to make sure there are no lumps, bumps and bulges flopping out from your suit bottoms.
Social norms and fashion trends change as time goes by. But one thing remains true: we all want to look good to feel good. With today’s medical advancements, questions on how to get rid of cellulite can be readily answered. Cellulite treatment in Philadelphia can be addressed with non-surgical answers to that question.
Below is a list of cellulite treatment {Philadelphia} methods that one can take advantage of:

a. Cellulite Massage Treatments. A kind of method that is often overlooked nowadays. Results from anti-cellulite massages can be visible in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. What makes this treatment special is that:

  1. It physically breaks down cellulite formation by way of applying pressure
  2. It promotes blood flow and circulation that are crucial to the treatment
  3. It enhances and improves the lymphatic drainage system to which toxins and waste make its way out of the body.

b. Diet and Exercise. Health and beauty experts all believe a proper diet and exercise regimen improves our body, physically and helps mentally. Nutritionists and trainers should guide your goals and program.

  1. Non-Invasive Anti -Cellulite Treatments. For a faster and reliable result, skin care professionals may recommend these therapies that are less-invasive to the body.
  2. Skin tightening mesotherapy in South Philly . A medical specialty involving microscopic needles consisting of natural extracts, homeopathic agents, as well as pharmaceutical and nutrient rich formulas that are injected directly into the designated areas of the skin. In addition to breaking down cellulite formations, mesotherapy also promotes weight loss and treats aging or sagging skin.
  3. Lipodissolve in Bucks County. Lipodissolve is another non-surgical treatment similar to that of mesotherapy. The only notable difference would be that lipodissolve treatments use a different type of solution to be injected into the upper layers of the skin. Usually, it consists of synthetic bile substance with the mixture of phosphatidylcholine. This mixture works to break down the fat deposits present on the skin.

A safe and effective cellulite reduction treatment plan should be developed by you and your Philadelphia skin care team. Make sure you select a team that has the experience required and has a genuine concern for your ultimate success.

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