Synthetic estrogens create a huge toxic threat to our health. These estrogens form an advancing army that surrounds us. And we risk our health–even our lives–if we don’t learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Bogus estrogens have cut the average testosterone level in half in the last forty years. They cause prostate and breast cancer. They provoke premature puberty in our children.

And they confuse the tar out of our endocrine system. When one part of the endo system goes south, their one-for-all, all-for-one brethren rush in to save the day, but the bogus estrogen onslaught is too great. Your thyroid takes a huge whack. Your adrenals can’t keep up. Pick an endo gland, any endo gland, and it’s in rouble. And so are you.

Even natural estrogen has to be kept in its place. Estrogen needs to be a minor player in our reproductive system. Progesterone (pro-gestation) is the major player, with estrogen and testosterone playing secondary roles. At least, in a perfect world.

Well, bogus estrogen has no interest in playing a minor role. It marches in wearing steel-tipped boots and starts breaking furniture.

And you men don’t want to think for a minute that you’re not involved. As your testosterone level drops, it reaches a tipping point where it starts turning into estrogen–and prostate cancer is your reward. And your odds are a whole lot better than winning the lottery.

(If a behind-the-times doctor ever talks about reducing your testosterone, run for your life. Literally.)

So, where do we get all this bogus estrogen?

Women get it by the carload from birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Some years back, The Women’s Health Initiative study realized HRT paved the road to breast cancer.

And all of us–men, women and children–get bogus estrogen through the plastic phthalate. Added to plastic to make it flexible, it also makes it estrogenic. And it’s everywhere. In teething rings, so you’re sure your baby gets on the pill early. And in tubing used for dialysis, as if the patients needed even more trouble.

We all take a hit from the synthetic estrogen BPA (bisphenol A) which lines most food and drink cans, leeching into the contents with abandon. It’s also put into plastic for strength–again sharing its toxicity freely. Especially when it’s heated, as in the microwave.

How do you tell toxic plastic? Check the recycle code, usually located on the bottom. It’s a small triangle containing a number. If the number is 3 or 7, it’s toxic. If it’s 2 or 5, it’s okay. A 1 means one-time use, but who knows what’s in it?

Parabens provide another source of bogus, health-stealing estrogen–in lotions, potions, shampoos, and cosmetics. Even baby products. Companies use a variety of parabens, often combining them. If the label has any word that ends in ‘paraben’, it’s not for you.

Then there’s the big kahuna of bogus estrogen, among other toxins, soy. And its evil twin, flax. Both are hugely estrogenic, and you don’t want anything to do with either. Not in lotions you rub on your skin. Not in your food, Not in the cushions in your sofa or car. No way, no how.

It takes effort to avoid soy. It’s in almost all prepared foods, fast foods, dinners that start in a box or in the freezer. It’s in MSG. ‘Hydrolized’ means soy. So does “autolyzed.” ‘Flavorings’ typically means soy. Malted barley. Carrageenan. Maltodextrin. With all those names, you kind of get the idea they don’t want us to know.

Fermented soy is supposed to be okay, but nowadays most soy is genetically modified, so who knows? GMO doesn’t mean just a little seed tweaking, but a whole new ‘food’ never found in nature. GMO foods hit our DNA so sterility sets in in three generations. Other than that, nobody knows what the effects are. I’m guessing they’re not good. And I’d just as soon not be a guinea pig, thank you very much.

Well, I could go on, and I probably will another time, but that’s enough bad news for one day.

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