To ensure that your offices are clean and comfortable, quality carpets prove to be a wonderful investment. It boosts up the home aesthetics and makes it warm and welcoming. Many even consider investing in quality carpets to keep their floors clean and well maintained.

Regardless, your carpets are an integral part of your home and like everything that exists; you need to take good care of it. And when discussing proper carpet cleaning, most homeowners tend to clean it themselves.

It can be risky, leading to discolouration or deterioration of the carpet fabric. But if done properly and with the right cleaning agents, then safe and effective cleaning can be accomplished.

Here are a few of those tips and tricks. Follow closely!

Removing Coffee Stains:-

If you have an expensive carpet at home, coffee stains are    something you need to avoid at any cost.

Carl Blizzard:- a home/office cleaning specialist in Brisbane says:-

“If it still happens, then you should look to blot the spill using a clean piece of cloth. Do not rub the spot, instead, allow it to soak up most of the liquid.

As for the stain; an effective trick is to use 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a cup of lukewarm water and blot the carpet inwardly. It should take care of the stain. But if it doesn’t, then repeat the process.”

Red Wine Spills:-

Red wine spills are a carpet’s doom. At least that’s what most homeowners till tell you. However, there’s no reason to fly off the handle, and this can be taken care of easily. All you need is a bit of salt.

Firstly you need to blot the spilled wine from the surface. And if it doesn’t soak up all of it, then add some cold water to it and then blot it again. Now, as most of the spills are soaked; you should look to sprinkle salt over the affected area and let it stay for some time. The salt will turn to pink, and on noticing it vacuum the area thoroughly.

Candle Wax:-


Another common spill that happens repeatedly is candle wax. And to tackle this issue, Sean Adams:- a steam carpet cleaning expert in Brisbane states:-


“ Firstly you should look to place a white towel over the spilled wax an then iron it for not more any 30 seconds. Or else you may end up burning up the carpet.


Moreover, always pick a white towel rather than coloured ones to avoid the colour from spreading onto the surface.           


Once the wax is melted look to remove it carefully using the blunt side of a knife. And as that is done successfully, lay a paper over the wax and iron the remainder of the spill so that it gets stuck to the paper. Keep repeating this till every trace of spilled wax is removed from the carpet surface.”


Even Chewing Gum:-

How many times have you or someone at home accidentally dropped chewing gum over the carpet? You know it has happened, and in every likelihood may happen again.

Fortunately; you can deal with this pesky little issue by using ice-cubes on the chewing gum. Keep it over it for not more than 30-secs, and that will solidify the gum, thus making it easy for you to lift it using a spoon. If you still find some traces of gum; you can gently cut a small stand of carpet stuck to it. And while you are at it, be sure to cut close to the gum to avoid any noticeable damage.

Off-Course You Can Take Professional Help For Quicker Cleaning

These tips and tricks will help you tackle all these tricky carpet stains effectively. However, if you cannot find time to clean these on your own, then it’s best to contact professional steam carpet cleaning specialists serving in the region to do it on your behalf.


Having all the field experience, equipment and knowledge, they will guarantee seamless cleaning and restore the natural shine of your carpets in super quick time.

The choice is yours.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a reputed carpet cleaning expert in Brisbane for years. Also being an avid writer, the author educates the readers on how an office cleaning specialist inBrisbanedeals with tricky stains be it at office or home.