You can never hope to move onto the path of sustainable success, where you will find meaning, value and fulfilment, unless you take inventory of your life first. Explore everything in your life and develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Take a really thorough look at everything and have the courage to let go or change the parts, which are not working and strive to nurture and develop the parts that are. You will get far more benefit from working on developing your strengths and finding people to support your weaknesses, than you will get from wasting energy trying to improve those areas of your life, where you have weaknesses. When you weed, water, nurture and plant new seedlings in your garden of success, you open yourself up to new opportunities, allow new people to come into your experience and almost as if by magic, new resources will also become available to you.

Know where you are so you can move to where you want to go
Nothing meaningful can or will ever happen in your life, until you get a clear understanding of where you are. Once you have clarity about where you are i.e. you know where your strengths lie, what areas need improvement and the areas you will need support with, you are then equipped to focus your energy on where you want to go. The place you want to go is that place you have always dreamed about.

All that is now left for you to do is to turn those vague dreams into crystal clear pictures for the future. Record these as your vision for the future, set goals, create a strategic plan, create a system for gathering regular feedback on your progress, take action daily and you will turn those pictures into your reality.

Feedback is all around
When you travel the path towards the success you desire and you regularly search, and discover, you will see that feedback is all around. All that is required is a willingness to look and listen to all the messages coming from your environment or for you to search inwardly and to listen to the subtle messages, which come from your inner self. This information only becomes feedback, when you choose to use it to measure your progress and assessing whether your actions are delivering the desired results. The more often you look for and act on feedback, the sooner you will be, achieve the meaning and fulfilment you desire.

We receive feedback on our performance all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not. The key to becoming and remaining successful is to increase your awareness of all feedback you receive, so that you can take regular and consistent action to continue to adjust and refine your performance. Consistently explore all the feedback you receive to assess whether the actions you are taking are bringing you closer to your goal or taking you off track.

You are Magnificent
Take a real good look at who you really are and see how much you actually have going for yourself. You are truly magnificent and are filled with possibility. Dare to pull the trigger on the future you want, keep chipping away every day, measure your progress regularly and success is inevitable. As you grow expand and become more, you will attract more and more success into your experience. Bringing meaning and fulfillment into your experience is simple; it just requires discipline and work.

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