About: Mini Tarot Affirmations are positive statements using the Tarot, to center ourselves while energizing our Mojo! My goal is to help invigorate higher vibrations with creative visualization for self-awareness, while enhancing one's perspective, confidence, and productivity. Becoming part of the imagery is a necessity as it allows all senses to be encountered. Proclaiming and vocalizing your personal statement out-loud 'seals your agreement' with the Universe. Disciplined practitioners sense a significant change within seventy-two hours of repeating the oath. Inexperienced users must understand that it can take a little longer until you find your own rhythm to encounter the magic of will and assertion. Quiet: Sit for a few minutes alone, with eyes closed and a goal to relax. Calm all thoughts and emotions until you are aware of the quietness that surrounds you. With slow and deep breaths, feel yourself float into this calm energy, feeling your body and mind also adjusting to this quietness. All the noise disappears and you feel at peace. Pay attention to the soundless spirit, as you cleanse and exist with the silence.

Visualize. In this mini visualization, the Knight of Swords will assist those who seek Perception in their lives. This meditation helps to enhance vision by crystalizing awareness. Closing your eyes, imagine yourself as a soldier, the Knight of Swords, who is riding through a misty area. In a defense mode, you must quiet your breath and listen to all that surrounds you, from the leaves rustling in the wind, birds singing, or the clock ticking in the room. As you strain your vision to search beyond the haze, you continue to quiet your breath, controlling your breathing while blending it in with the silence. Be aware of every sound that is around, and become one with each sound, until you hear it no more - focusing on what awaits in the distance. Not a sound is heard as you detach yourself from the noises that are close to you. Each move in your step is methodically planned, so that your tunnel vision is not disturbed. Listen to the silence, then stretch your listening skills further than you ever have. Pay attention to what you might not have heard if you weren't so focused on it. Make a mental note as to how sharp your listening skills have become now. You are the watchful soldier, the observant and perceptive Knight of Swords. Your vision is keen because your hearing is sharp. You separate the distant vibrations, from the common noises. And like the soldier who pauses with patience and attention - it's not the daily chatter that we should find ourselves sensitive to, but instead to the silence, where true sounds of expression exist.

The Affirm: While in the moment, announce a trusted affirmation:
I am aware of all that surrounds me.
I am observant, attentive, and awake.
I heed when silence speaks.

Now go get your mantra on!

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Starcana, aka Suzanne Dronzek, is a Spiritual Tarot Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, intuitive tarot, and the metaphysical arts. To personalize this message for inner guidance, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship compatibility - request a private and professional consultation via telephone. For complete information about her services, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website: www.starcana.com