There is one place called Shichahai Lake in Beijing that gains the reputation of the most beautiful attraction free for charge among local citizens. Shichahai Lake located in the center of the city, not far from Forbidden City has in total area of 147 hectares and because of that, it has become one of the largest lakes in China. This nature lake has such a beauty and stunning scenery with the hills view around. Surround the lake, there also has some important and famous historical places which famous from long time ago, since Yuan Dynasty. And in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Shichahai area had already become the resident area for lot of senior officials.

At past, some local resident take advantages of the lake to fulfill their daily need such as, fishing, fish farming, relaxing place, etc. And from Ming Dynasty, the lake has become tourism destination, planted with trees, flowers and renovated with the layout of the building where located in the strategic lake. Till now, Shichahai Lake had several renovated from local government to make the lake more commercial.

Today, Shichahai has become the exotic place famous among the local visitors. Travelers are addicted in the traditional culture of Beijing and have the enthusiastic to explore the old courtyard. Enjoy and feel like you are stay and live inside the old Beijing make Shichahai become the top leisure destination.

Now, Shichahai area also filled with unique restaurants, bars, cafes, souvenir shops etc. As sunset approaches, the bright lights and traditional lanterns in the many bars and restaurants offer a fun and attractive atmosphere. Whether you’re out for your evening walk or looking for a place to share a drink with friend, Shichahai Lake can be the right place. The area combined the nature view with harmonic cultural tradition, which whisper her beauty, comfortable, relax, and entertained with all the charms.

When summer comes, rent a boat to personally wandering on lake to have a close look at the local life around is the most attractive part. Coming with your couple then create some romantic atmosphere while boating in the lake. Happily enjoy some big trees and beautiful flowers in the distance when the light winds blowing while boating. Beside a commercial place, the wide area around Shichahai always get used among the locals especially elderly people to do some sports arena to do their daily activities such as, bicycling, walking, jogging etc. Walking quietly along the lake shore, taste and experience the beauty of Shichahai Lake!

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