As an independent testing lab specialized in testing various materials, T,C&A Lab recently unveiled its electronic materials testing capability, providing analytical services for clients worldwide to efficiently identify products’ durability, safety, and qualification.

“Having tested thousands of items each year for multiple industries, we have accumulated abundant resources, both in terms of expertise and experience, which enables us to help design, formulate, and implement the most appropriate testing methods for nearly any electronic product,” said a senior scientist from T,C&A Lab.

The primary purpose of electronic material testing is to navigate possible hindrances that may exist and help eradicate and solve them. The most commonly detected problems for electronic components include failures, defectiveness, contaminations, delaminations, and faults.

The testing range covers new energy battery electronic chemicals, electronic chemicals for the flat panel display industry, inorganic electronic chemicals for semiconductors, chemicals for hybrid circuits, thinning and electrical coatings, conductive polymers, optical functional materials, laser materials, silicon wafers, packaging glass, electronic grade phosphoric acid, fluorine-containing compounds, rare earth materials, nanomaterials, photocatalyst electronic ceramic materials, smart materials, recording media materials, precious metal chemicals, electromagnetic functional polymer materials, integrated circuit electronic chemicals, printed circuit board electronic chemicals, and many more.

Electronic material testing should be implemented throughout the process, from production to circulation and use. In most cases, a complete electronic material testing project should deliver all of the following testing Failure analysis attempts:

Chemical performance test
Metal element
Particle size distribution
Number of particles
Anion test
Organics analysis
Inorganic analysis
Environmental reliability test
Aging performance test

With advanced facilities and state-of-the-art lab equipment, T,C&A Lab is the second-to-none partner for clients when conducting electronic chemical material shipment inspection, regular material quality control, or production line abnormal inspection. Please visit to learn more.

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Founded a few years ago, T,C&A Lab has been focused on the testing, characterization, analysis, and data interpretation of various materials. Testing reports issued by T,C&A lab provide accurate and detailed supplementing evidence for product design and future development. Ever since its establishment, T,C&A Lab has successfully handled many material testing projects. With strong expertise, T,C&A lab is now well-prepared to help its customers solve the most demanding and complicated technical issues.